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Packing guide

Removals is a big event in the life of each of us. Often separates different periods in life. Changing the environment and the need to adapt to new situations is often associated with stress and anxiety arises. On the other hand it is an opportunity for positive change, set new goals, take on new tasks and challenges. Leaving the old and moving to a new location, we have to fill the new space ... not only in the literal sense. It is worth accordingly prepare and think things through before moving. The duties associated with your Oldham removals  should be approached with care and a good plan.

How to pack stuff

Woman with boxPacking personal belongings into boxes and containers you should  accurately describe their contents, which simplifies later arranging in a new place. Not the best solution is to package large quantities objects into a large carton or other type of container. Large dimensions and too high weight of such packages make it difficult to smooth relocation. It is very important to protect all the fragile and delicate items with the wrapping paper, newspapers, bubble wrap or foam. With particular caution should be packed porcelain, paintings and mirrors.

Computer hardware, audio, stereo, TVs preferably should be transported in its original packaging. All elements of the each set should be in one carton, including power supplies, remotes and cables. Particular attention should be paid to secure television picture tubes. Before moving, you should make backup copies of the computer disks, and remove and secure printer toner.  

Upholstered furniture should be preferably protected with stretch film what will protect them from soiling, moisture and damage. Wooden surfaces are additionally protected with blankets or sheets of cardboard. Packed and ready to transport items should be gathered in one room. Already at this stage, it is good to think about the order of their carrying and loading on the vehicle. All important documents you should  place in one folder, and the most valuable items in one carton. Important documents and valuable personal belongings better carry personally.

How to move stuff

Moving trolleyDirectly before the start of removals should be signed a final agreement with your Stockport removals company that will perform the service. Agreements usually contain a point to ensure security of transported goods. Professional Manchester moving companies as well as Manchester man with van service providers have appropriate insurance to cover all activities performed by them. Liability insurance of the carrier protects the property from the start of work associated with moving items from the premises during transport in a vehicle until it is set in a new place. Having insurance is a guarantee of safety, and also shows a professional approach to the client.

If you moving on your own, during lifting and loading items, especially those heavy, you should  absolutely sure about the safety of those that deal with it. The heaviest loads should be carried by 2, 3 or even 4 people. To lift large and heavy loads should be used special belts and harness. By following basic safety rules you will experience easy house removals for sure. Of course, if you use the services of the moving company, it is not your concern and certainly you will not incur any liability for any accidents. The most important? Boxes and furniture should be lifted using the power of the knees, not the spine! Transportation piano, moving a safe or any other heaviest items is best to entrust to professionals.

Furniture, boxes and other equipment should be carried in a preplanned order, keeping in mind what should be unloaded in a new locale as the first (these items should be loaded into the car at the end).

Arrangement and adequate securing of loads on the car should be supervised by a driver, he is responsible for your belongings during transport. After loading your entire belongings on a truck, you should carefully check whether everything has been taken away. Then instruct the driver how to get to the new address. It is worth to know whether the destination has no ban on parking, entry bans, etc. You should plan how to set the van to facilitate unloading and bringing equipment to a new home.

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