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Moving with children

Packing boxes with sonMoving from Manchester to a new home is a quite difficult process even for adults, thus it might be even more difficult for our children. The constant rush and trying to organize everything properly make the atmosphere around the house more tense and it always destroys the organization of a child's world. One cannot forget about the child itself when organizing your removals and trying to change the family's life standard!

A home, a peaceful and safe asylum - that's what the house where we come back after work is for a child. That's where they have their playground, neighborhood friends whom they play football, go for a walk or just simply spend time with. And suddenly all of this is about to change because of planned Bolton removals? That can be a real tragedy for some kids! That's why it's so important to talk with one's children! No matter what their sex or age is, they should receive proper explanation and get prepared for the moving process, especially mentally. And that's the parent's responsibility! So besides tasks such as planning the move, the organization of packaging materials, finding the right moving company or Bolton man and van team, you should also focus on preparing your child for the upcoming changes.

Talk with your child about moving

Two kids listeningThe way that a child reacts to moving from Manchester to a new home will depend on various factors. Child's age is one of the most important factors. The longer the child knows their friends, the longer they had their own room, their "miss teacher" from school, the harder it will be to change the surrounding. Having siblings can also mean a lot since it's easier to handle goodbyes together and the child will always have their brother or sister that is going to be there in the new home.

Long before the "zero hour", the parent should sit down and talk with their children. It doesn't have to be some set place or time, they can even talk during dinner, playing with blocks or dolls. As parents we shouldn't make moving to a new home a special, unique thing. When the child sees that their parents treat it like an everyday thing, they will feel calmer and more relaxed. When talking to  child, the parent should say good things about the new place, show your child various benefits of moving like a bigger, more colorful room. The reason behind that is to emphasize that everyone's moving together, the parents are not abandoning their child, their brother or sisters is moving as well along with the favorite dog, cat or "Bobby", the plush animal or the little smurf "Lilly". It's important to make the child realize that many things stay the same, no matter where they live. The most important things for a child will not change, the home will still be home, a safe asylum. A good idea is also separate packing child toys so that they are easily accessible soon after moving to a new home. The favorite toys that your child is playing most often, you should transport yourself rather than by local Stockort or Oldham removal companies  - during the journey child may want to play with them.

Planning moving with kids

Have fun when moving with childrenThere is no set period of time when parents should start planning their family relocation and talking with their children about moving to a new home or get to know new places, every child approaches this matter individually and it might as well take a week or even a month or a year (especially if you are planning Manchester international removals). The parents know their child best and will be able to feel when the appropriate moment is. Thus, in contrast to the principle that you should start planning the move for at least 10 weeks before the move, as it is impossible to determine the minimum period when to start talking to your child about the move.

Child's reaction to moving to a new home may be different. Some children may experience stress connected with the new situation and start urinating during the night, become nervous or lose their appetite. So you should seek advice on how to help your child cope with stress.  On the other hand, they can do the completely opposite thing and accept the new situation like nothing happened. As parents, we have to be prepared for different reactions and understand how much depends on ourselves, on the way that we approach the child and introduce the new, not so scary world to them.

Trip to a new home

A second important thing that parents should do is to visit the new place long before the family actually moves there. Obviously, it's not about checking on the naked wall, although seeing the whole building process is also important. However, it's more beneficial for a child to visit the nearby playground where they will play in spare time. Maybe they will be able to meet a new friend and get accepted in the new place. That really is a huge deal for the little one. The family should also visit places where the child will spend most of their day like school where they can meet their new "miss teacher", get to know new classmates or see new toys that they will be able to play with in the future.

As soon after moving you should meet new neighbours and introduce your family. Your kids should easily find new friends in your new neighbourhood. 

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