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Preparing for an office move

A moving requires proper planning every activities. In other case we can meet up with chaos in our moving. The bigger the office is the more difficult is to control over everything. That’s the reason we should make up a special moving schedule. Every task should be deliver to the workers by hanging information on the board in the office or by sending them a mail. Thanks to that every workers will know their duties such as packing their belongings or any additional tasks. Preparing that schedule can help us avoid some unexpected problems and make a moving done as smooth as it possible without disturbing  working hours.

Schedule office removals

Planning moveEvery moving requires proper preparations. When it comes to change a head of the office it’s necessary to take special steps. Anyway, like in every removals the most important is to plan the day of moving. Common working days of every company are Monday to Friday. Moving in one of those days means some financial losses as we won’t be able to work then. That’s the reason why you should plan your Manchester business removals in days off such as Saturday or Sunday. First of all staff should be informed in advance about changing the place of working. They should know about the day of moving in the same time when boss gets to know the exact date to be able to adapt to the new situation. Changing place of working can mean that they will have to change their way of commuting.

Person who will be in charge of coordinating everything connected with a moving is necessary. We should look for that person among trusted workers. We can pass the responsibility of a moving office to a group of workers. All task would get much more efficiently.

Compare office movers

Looking for best offerFirst of all we have to choose a reliable removals company by comparing offers (you can use free comparison services at Price is really important, it’s clear we want to find Manchester cheap removals services,  but we should also bear in mind given recommendations and opinions. We should choose a reliable company that can make their job on time and without causing any problems. There is a lot of office movers in Greater Manchester area so if your office is located in Bury, you can easily find at least few good Bury removals firms that offer professional commercial relocation services.  On the other hand, do not have to be limited only to local businesses - you may find that you get a better deal from Trafford office removals companies.

You can check all those recommendation on some websites in the Internet. Users share their opinion willingly.

Involve employees in office move

Nevertheless workers of our company should also be  involved in moving activities as it’s crucial to transport their working place. They should be given some tasks to do so everyone can be sure what to do. Generally, they should know when to pack every belongings from their desks. There could be also one group that will be in charge of packing all of those belongings. Workers should be provided with materials that are needed in moving such as bubble wrap and cardboard boxes. Bubble wrap can be used to pack computers, screens, multifunction devices and any small appliances. It protects very well from any damages and scratches. We should set the exact date for packing to avoid wasting time in a moving day. A really crucial thing is to empty all shelves and cabinets. Eventuality of securing furniture should be consulted with a hired moving company. If you have any large machines, you should find company that specialize also in moving machinery in Manchester.

Moving folders and files

Folders and fikesFor a proper functioning of company it’s very important to have an order in documents. Nevertheless while we’re moving office we should make sure what we transfer to the new place. In other case it can turn out in the future that we’ll be looking for some documents that won’t exist anymore or we had lost it before. Pack the most important documents separately in the marked briefcase. While unpacking it would be much easier to find what we need. If we own extra important documents that losing it may put us in risks we should pack it to the sealed briefcase and transport them on our own or hand them to the most trusted worker.


A office moving is also connected with some formal cases. Company location change has to be reported to the proper institutions. There is a need to upgrade address data in Central Registration and Information on Business. Another place that we have to visit is a bank that we have an account in.  We  have to present a new address to our customers as well. Current clients should be informed about all changes in advance. If you take care of a proper image of your company you should inform your customers about an exact date of functioning the new place.

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