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Storage tips and advice

LockersYour belongings are your world, so before packing them up and depositing them into one of Manchester self-storage facility, you have to make sure that they are rightly protected. It is crucial that you take the right precautions to prevent your items being damaged. It is also important to pack them appropriately in order to ensure easy access when you need it. This guide looks at how to prepare items the right way for secure self-storage Streatham.

Moving items into self-storage will seldom be an easy task, but you can make it easier on yourself by following the following steps. Planning is the key and doing so beforehand will allow you approach the task in both a safe and organised manner. If you are still concerned about what lies in store, speak to your self-storage facility and they can advise you further.

Storage Boxes and Bags

Storage cardboard boxesThe base element of all storage is the boxes used. Start by using boxes that are all the same size, this will make stacking them and moving belongings easier. Which means you can save both space and energy. If you do end up using different size boxes, more than likely for budgetary reasons, try and have a plan in place for when it comes to stacking so you aren't left with a “house of cards” situation. It may seem like a must, but it is actually advised that you don't put items in plastic bags when preparing them for self-storage. This is because they can trap moisture and cause damage to items over the long term.

Packing items for storage

When it comes to packing up items for self-storage, space will always be something of a premium. This means you should always fill up boxes to the maximum (weight permitting) and stack them from heaviest to lightest in the self-storage facility. If you are left with a space after packing you should fill it in with padding, usually in the form of packing peanuts or bubble wrap. However, when it does come to packing it is important to remember not to cram a box and distribute weight evenly. The box shouldn't bulge, nor be unliftable for local Stockport man and van teams. Heavy boxes can make moving items into a self-storage unit very difficult even for the best equipped and professional Stockport removal companies.

Cleaning before storing

Before you start packing items up for a short-term or long-term stay in self-storage, they need to be cleaned properly. A few days before the packing starts, wash and clean large items such as duvets, drapes and other material based items, this will mean any dirt or germs (such as bed bugs) don't make the journey into your self storage unit. Wood, glass and metal-based furniture is a magnet for dust, so make sure you give items like this a thorough polish before moving them into a self-storage unit. Lastly, you should always treat leather and condition it before you put it into storage to ensure it remains hygienic and comfortable for when it is removed. As with boxes, make sure you cover up furniture and dust attracting items with a sheet for added protection.

Avoid Confusion – Label boxes

How to label moving boxes?Loading box after box into a self-storage unit is some task, but you would be surprised at how many forget about how they will approach removing the items later on. Labelling may seem small, but it is of the utmost significance should you want to make the loading and unloading processes easier. Every box should be labelled with a summary of what's inside, to make it easier to understand where everything is placed and thus easier to remove when needed. It should also be noted that delicate items should be labelled as fragile for obvious reasons.

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