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Things to do when moving

Couple packing kitchen equipmentIs there really an easy way of moving house and avoid stress of moving? Well, moving is difficult, let’s face it! But the majority of the difficulty usually lies with the amount of hard work that is involved rather than the stress of it. The heavy lifting, the loading, unloading, sorting, taking things apart, putting things back together, wow its exhausting, surely there’s a more simple method to all of this?

Well, you’re right there is, and here is how you do it - The good old to do list, never fails!

Good moving checklist

Good checklist is the key to successful movingThe good old to do list is a trusted favourite for many, although funnily enough lots of people won’t do one because either they do not have time to do it (or so they say) or they simply can’t be bothered.

The truth is having a to do list prepared sets a basis and a plan for what happens next, it helps you to be in control, stay organised and be well prepared for each stage of your Manchester house removals.

Having one ready may will undoubtedly make your life easier, so if you are thinking, “oh what’s the point, I know what I’m doing”, do not be surprised when it goes badly wrong!

Writing a to do list will take about five minutes to prepare, this is why it is so frustrating to hear people haven’t done one, do one! You should start making your moving checklist at least 10 weeks before moving day.

Content of moving checklist

Ok we get it, we need a list, so what do we write on it then?

Everything and anything that you think of which relates to the move! If you cannot think of everything off the top of your head, simply take the list with you and jot things down as and when you think of something.

Examples of things to include are:

Every list will be unique to suit your very own situation but the basis for it is exactly the same for all, you simply jot down the jobs you have to do and tick them off as you go along, it’s as easy as that!

Follow removals checklist

Following checklist pointsThe trouble is many people will write a list and then not bother to follow it, or even lose it. There is absolutely no point to in having a list that has no purpose. You must follow your own plan; you know it’s important because you wrote it.

Don’t overload the brain too much......

Trying to remember everything off the top of your heads is not a great idea, especially during the craziness of Manchester international removals, you are bound to forget to do to something only adding to your stress.

Having things jotted down on paper helps to off load it from your minds and enable you to see what you have to do.

Schedule moving tasks

What is also equally important is to make note of important dates, things such as the date your Manchester man and van team is coming to move you, dates you can collect new house keys, dates to inform energy suppliers of change of addresses and so forth.

The list can be followed right now, you do not have to wait until nearer the time, simply start doing anything on the list that you can do whilst you have the time, things such as sorting out your home and getting rid of junk, maybe arranging to do boot sales to raise funds etc are all beneficial to the move.

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