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Air vs sea shipping comparison

Cargo shipIt does not matter if you are to start your life as an expat or you are shipping goods to other countries, the decision between choosing sea and air freighting is decisive. Following are some of the key aspects that you need to take into account while you are to choose your desired delivery method between what is best: sea shipping vs air freight.

Shipping Costs

Loading cargoMore likely than not, the cost happens to be the decisive aspect and determining the needed resources no matter what you read in this post. If you are relocating as an individual internationally, you will certainly follow a budget and you have to stick to it even if your company is bearing your Manchester removals. If you are working as an entrepreneur, then anything that eats your profits must be remedied. Therefore, naturally, the method you want to opt for, all other aspects being equal, is the cost you have to bear.

However, the condition requires all other aspects to be equal, which is not always the scenario when it comes to the real world. In order to assist you to find cheap removals and make an informed decision in this regard, it is best that you do some research on your own about how different carrier charge for shipping. Compare removals services in small districts against moving firms located in Manchester city. Sometimes you may find cheaper rates from Stockport removals firms than firms from the city centre. The sea shipping carriers normally charge as per the standard shipping container rates. Whereas, the air freight services charge according per the weight of the item, as the more the item weighs, the more fuel is needed to get the plane to its destination. As weight is the considerable aspect, the volume tends to be one of the most expensive and pricey variables when it comes to the shipping costs.

Generally, the heavier and larger the shipment is, the cheaper it would be to ship via sea freight. As the shipment gets smaller, the margin also shrinks and ultimately the air freight tends to be the least costly option to opt for.

Shipping Timeline

If you are considering the option of fastest shipment feature, then naturally, air freight stands first. As per the laws of business, time is money! If you are to transport time-sensitive items, having rapid delivery can surely justify the additional cost of the air freight. Whereas, the air freight can take a max of one day or two, the shipments sent via sea can take a few weeks or even months to eventually reach its destination.

Nevertheless, the technology persists  to improvise and the ships are also becoming faster. Canals make it quite easier to when it comes to having shorter delivery routes. Some sea shipping services have crossed oceans and deliver the items in as little as 8 days time.

Reliability and Consistency

Air servicesReliability and consistency are the two vital traits that are highly valued in products, business and even other individuals. There is much to be stated for the peace of mind you get from knowing that your desired items will arrive as per the schedule, in perfect condition and this will happen every time you place an order. Despite the comparative industry record that the sea shipping service has over air freight, air falls into the category of being reliable.

Though most of us may have come across the flight delays due to bad weather, the airlines are comparatively good when it comes to being on schedule. Such rigor is not shared by the sea shipping services. Sea shipping carriers are notorious for their attitude “it gets there when it gets there”. These carriers do not think over and over again about being a day or even two off their schedule. However, this practice could really make or even break your business, and thus an air freight service is unquestionably the best way to go.

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