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Common Moving Mistakes

Problems when movingBecause of the pressure that comes with house moving Manchester, some mistake has been identified as common mistakes made by people while moving. This is actually what you really need to know before you embark on any move. Now, when you have the rightful information about these mistakes, you will be able to avoid them completely or at least to reduce their frequency and impact on your move. But if you do not have any idea about them, you will repeat these mistakes over and over again and this will make you to experience a sour move.

  1. The number one mistake many people make when they want to move home is insufficient preparation for the move. Now, whenever you move without proper planning, comprehensive schedule and detailed considerations, you will encounter a very bad move. This does not happen by chance, and must be planned and executed properly. What you see is what you get so, if you do not plan well, you are bound to experience a very ugly move. Make sure you start preparing at least 3 months before the moving day. We have a 2 months moving schedule detailing all the things you need to do on the 8th week, 6th week, 4th week, 2nd week, 2 days before the move and on the day of the move. These will act as a guide to help you prepare.
  2. The second grievous mistake people make when moving is choosing the wrong time or season to move. Many may ask what the reason is for this, but in essence this means exactly what it says. You must not move when you are not supposed.  The summer holidays are too busy for a relaxed effective move. Weekends are too jam-packed and overbooked for the companies offering removals Bolton servicess, coupled with beginning of the months. You have to look at other times other than the aforementioned. The success of your move has a lot to do with the moving company, so don’t move when you will not have the best moving company with you or when they will not guarantee you availability on selected and best moving date for you. But if you really need to move in a very short notice, your should try to use services offered my man and van Oldham teams.
  3. Another big mistake you should avoid when moving house is the mistake of not weighing all the possibilities and all your options.  Before you choose to move on your own without a moving company, you must consider every possibility so as to make a decision that is free of all reasonable doubts. Consider all the additional time, work and costs involved. Failure to factor in these before you decide to move by yourself portends a grave mistake. It's a good idea to prepare moving checklist and follow all steps, so you do not forget about tens of important things to do when planning your relocation.
  4. Perhaps one of the worst of all mistakes is that of not considering the moving companies properly before you choose. If you do not compare Stockport removal companies well, you will lose a lot of grounds. The number of companies you consider is also important, because the more the better. Don’t just choose the first company you contact. This may be easier, but it may not be good. You have to hear from and get quotes from many moving companies.
  5. Another mistake is the mistake of not demanding for deep details in the quotes. You have already started failing when you do not request the most detailed quotes from the moving companies. Now, you can always get a quote over the phone or via email. However, this is never enough. The moving companies must come to your residence and view your items. This will allow them to give you detailed quotes factoring in all the properties to be moved. If possible the cost of each item should be listed for you so as to know how they arrived at their final cost.
  6. You should also avoid the mistake of not showing your entire items to the moving company. This is another mistake that has dealt great blows to many people who moved homes. The quotes you get depend heavily on the items to be moved. So, you simply have to avoid the mistake of not showing the movers all your possessions. Now, everything that should be moved to the new destination must be clearly shown to the moving company.
  7. The next mistake which you must avoid at all costs is the mistake of not conducting a thorough check before you choose the moving company to service you. When you must have gotten the quotes from at least a few moving companies - check rates from removal companise in Wigan, Stockport or Bury. They all locals but could offer completely different prices. The cost should not be the only thing that informs the one you choose. Make sure the company you will go with has all the necessary licenses, approvals and registrations. You must ask for references.
  8. Another mistake you should not make is that of saving cost when buying your packing materials. The fact remains that the safety of your items depends on how they are packed, so you must pack them well. Don’t ever save costs by getting used items like the boxes and bubble wraps or packing peanuts. Everything must be brand new. This is to insure that you will get favorable replies from the insurance companies if you are to make any claims. Don’t fail to label well.
  9. The next mistake which you must avoid is to neglect the words of the contract. You must read the moving contract line by line and understand all that are involved.  This will also allow you to fish out unnecessary extra costs. Only professional Manchester furniture removals teams offer clear moving agreement. If something is not clear, you should avoid cooperation with such a firm.
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