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Shipping To Australia From Manchester

Moving to AustraliaNow, Australia is one of the countries that we can say that is not much open to businesses. It is an economy that is greatly built with the resources within it and not mainly due to international trade. However, in the recent past, a lot of changes have been witnessed in the economy of the continent nation. Because of these, there are moves by many businesses to ship to Australia from Manchester, and many of them encounter difficulties because they do not know the best possible ways of shipping to Australia. When you want to ship to this great nation, you can contact us to do the job for you. We are professional and expert shipping company in Manchester that will help you throughout the process of shipping to Australia.

Our services include baggage moving that takes your holiday baggage from door to door. We also do parcel shipping services both locally and internationally, through our shipping network. We will also help you with home and office removals in Manchester from anywhere in the world to Australia. Other additional services you will enjoy from us or other moving companies are packing and storage services, moving machinery and electronics removals, antique shipping, dismantling, cleaning and many others.

Now, there are some things you must have at your fingertips about shipping to this nation.

Your first step in shipping to Australia from Manchester is to find a reputable moving and shipping company like ours. You can do this through the directories, reviews, viewing their licenses, references and getting quotes from them and comparing. The company you choose must have all the international accreditations from the necessary bodies. You must also choose the most experienced removal companies and those that have been in the business for long.  It's not advisable to entrust international shipping to Manchester man and van firm. You should always find professional shipping firm. We meet all these and you will be happy to use our services.

Australian Quarantine

There are some items that are prohibited in Australia, and these cannot be brought in. some will be allowed in but under very heavy quarantine and examinations. If you do not want to go through the hassle, then you should avoid shipping such gods to Australia. They include animals, plants, food and food items. The regulations are to insure that their agricultural industries and their unique environment are protected from pests. So, all household goods and personal items are thoroughly inspected by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS).

Again, when you are shipping items like lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, garden tools, golf clubs, wheelbarrows and other farm implements, you must insure that all traces of soil and sand from your present location are removed.

However, if out of any circumstance, you need to move these things desperately, then you have to mark them and get them ready for inspection once they arrive to Australia. Some of the other products will be observed and treated for some time to make them totally safe for the environment of the nation, while those that have traces of pests and diseases are seized and destroyed by the AQIS. The products you must declare include

  • Animal products of all types like drums, shields, skins, hides, furs, hairs, artifacts and all others
  • Plant products like artifacts, wreaths, handicrafts, wooden products, strawberry packaging and others
  • Seeds and nuts that are commercially packed, seed ornaments, things like salted nuts, foil or roasted nuts.
  • Dried fruits and vegetables
  • All types of herbs and spices
  • Biscuits, cakes, and all confectionery like sweets, chocolates, nuts and crisps
  • Rice and noodles whether raw, processed and instant meals
  • Milk, teas and coffee based drinks
  • Cane, bamboo, basket ware, mats, coconut products and cravings, cane baskets and similar products
  • All wooden articles
  • All fresh flowers, dried flowers and lies and many more

Shipping Costs To Australia

When you talk about the distance it will take you to ship your items to Australia, it will definitely depend on the area or country you are shipping from. So, you have to demand from your international mover to give you the exact timeframe for arrival of your shipments. When you have all these, you start by weighing your item to know the possible weight. This is what you will use to get the initial quotes from the shipping companies.  You have to clean your items. Wrap them, box them properly with the appropriate cushioning, and then weigh them. Weight is one of the most important factors determining moving costs.

Shipping by seaContact us, we will demand the weight, size, value and location from you and give you multiple quotes from our shippers.  When you have chosen the option to use according to the cost and services, you go ahead and get additional insurance if the insurance offered by the shipper is not enough for you. From here, you move to schedule for pickup which we will come and pick from your home, or you drop off at our network near you. However, by now, you must have labeled your items properly, indicating the fragile items, the area that should be up, the contact details of the location and destination and all necessary points. This is followed by payment, and we will ship your item to Australia safely and on time. You can also check our car shipping to Australia services.

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