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Types of Packing Materials

What type of packing materials should I use?For you to get your house removals Manchester right and easy, you must do so with the best packing materials. This is the reason you should know no only packing tips but also the types of packing materials, and the time to use each of them. Now, one caveat you must know before we proceed is that you must always pack your items with brand new moving or packing materials. There is a difference between building your own box and getting a box that has been used several times. The former may be accepted when you build with brand new items, but never the later. So, you must always use brand new items and you must also not use improvisations that involve substituting the main item with something similar. The major concerns are that these will not serve the needed purpose and this means that your items will be prone to damages in the process. And because of this, the removals Bolton  companies do not entertain claims that come from goods packed with improvised or used packing materials.

  • Plastic
    This may be described as one of the most commonly used packing materials. However, it is also very difficult to dispose and is seen as not being friendly to the environment. Because plastics are light and very strong, coupled with it is easy to manufacture them, they have come to be the darling packing materials for many. They are used as an alternative for cardboards. One good thing about plastic materials is that they can be recycled.
  • Metal
    Metals are the next set of packing materials that are widely used. They are good for use in the packing and packaging of food items like drinks. Now, the most used metal is the aluminum metal and it is only the very tin plate that is used in this regard. The good thing about aluminum is that they are very attractive and light to handle, though a lot of energy is needed for their manufacturing.
  • Brick carton
    This is the most used of all packing materials. It consists of a very light, strong and airtight packing material. It is very ideal for the removal and transportation or properties and goods. This serves to pack the goods and properties after they have been packaged. This is very easy to dispose and therefore the most used.
  • Cardboard
    This is very good for packing, and it is the material that gives the best of wrapping. This is very easy to use and dispose and it is also very good for use in packing and transporting products that are already packaged.
  • Foam
    This is another most used packing material. All the gadgets that are very fragile and susceptible to damage are packaged and packed with some pieces of foams. Things like TVs, glasses, gadgets, furniture and others are packed with this. It is also used to protect the edges of properties and goods. So if you looking for good techniquest on how to pack and move TV, the first advice you will find is to use packing foam to protect such fragile items like LCD TV.
  • Glass
    Glass is used in packaging food items and liquids in form of jars, jugs and glasses, and must be packed with foam, cardboards or the brick cartons for transportation.

Having listed the types of packing materials, we will go ahead to explain the numerous materials used for packing.

  • Packing boxes
    Cardboard boxesThese are named the most essential. Almost all items are packed with this. They were introduced in 1817 and since then, they have been the major containers for goods and items to be moved.  The boxes are made of cardboard materials and they are easier to handle than the wooden crates, though the later may be needed in special circumstances.  The boxes of recent times are made of corrugated fiberboard and this makes the boxes very strong even when the weight and thickness does not increase. This can be doubled when there is the need.
  • Bubble wrap
    These are used to wrap and cushion all sorts of items. The bubbles provide very strong cushioning to things packed with the wrap - ideal when moving a sofa - you can easily wrap your sofa to avoid any damages during the transit. They are very effective in protecting fragile items without any additional weight and cost.
  • Shrink wrap
    This is mostly used to insure tamper protection in commercial products. For the CDs, DVDs and TVs, this may be needed. They are used after the item is already wrapped, so as to shrink and hold in place. The tight seal it creates and its ability to expel moisture also allows it to work for perishable items.
  • Tissue paper
    This is mostly used to fill the empty spaces in the boxes.
  • Packing peanuts
    This also serves the same purpose as the tissue paper. In place of this or the tissue paper, the shredded paper can be used.
  • Packing foam
    This is even more effective than the aforementioned trio, and can also be used as a full packing item to hold the properties and goods in place, especially for the fragile ones.
  • Packing tape
    You cannot achieve anything in packing without this. It is used to tape and hold the whole package in place.

Remember, that once you decide to hire man and van Manchester team, usually you will be responsible for all the packing. It means a double effort with moving a house, but by doing the packing on your own you save a lot of money. 

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