Green Moving

Family with boxesMoving house Stockport can involve a whole lot of stuffs that either positively or negatively affect the environment. It is an opportunity for you to get to meet every single thing you accommodate in your apartment, pack the once you think are useful while discarding the useless ones. The sight of the wastes hidden at different corners of your home or office when moving from Manchester to a different one only rings a bell that “you need to do better in terms of sanitation” in your ear. How do you do that when you will mess up your new apartment just on the very first day while unpacking, especially if you are moving to your first home? This is what the term “green moving is all about.”
Green moving is a system of moving your home of office that allows you adopt strategies that will enable you work in favour of nature and not against it. It involves the use of packing materials that are reusable and as such, encourage environmental sanitation as well as transporting your belongings and tidying your new apartment without having to cause green house effect in the environment.

The primary aim of every green removal companies Bury is the reusing of useful things and recycling wastes. With every home or office move involving 3 major stages – the packing, transporting and settling stage, you are to have this at the back of your mind. As a first time green mover, you will need to know the basic tips that will help you to, for once, treat the earth fairly at each of these stages:-

Eco-friendly packing

When packing for a move, you will surely come across some of those items you purchased a long time ago that you never really remembered that came under your roof – it could be those toy building blocks you gave you 18 year-old son on his tenth birthday or that your favourite brief case you bought during your time as Administrative Manager in your former workplace or that expensive bangle you gave your spouse the night before you proposed to her. Whatever it is that is not biodegradable, just get a recycle bin and pack them into it.

After separating the useful from the useless and has put the later into its rightful place, now is the time to face the useful ones – your belongings on the move. As always, they require great packing to arrive you new home of office safely. Arrange for your supplies and make sure they are super eco-friendly. Go for materials that will add value to the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere of the earth. Most packing are done with cardboard boxes made from trees. People do not value them that much owing to the fact that they are considered as garbage once it has completed its first assignment. You do not necessarily need to get new ones as you will need so many of them. You can borrow from your neighbour who moved into the neighbourhood last month and you will be discouraging deforestation.

In the case you are moving to a warmer country you can donate all your winter clothes that you won’t need anymore to a local charity. It is worth noting that decluttering your home will also contribute to reducing moving costs as you will have much more less stuff to move.

For other packing materials such as bubble wraps and packing peanuts, there are several other alternatives you can secure to maintain the status of your move as green. There are green packing peanuts usually made from bio-degradable materials like bio-plastics and they are just great for packing. You can also devise other means of green packing like packing fragile items with tissue papers, towels and some of the rags around.

Eco-friendly movers Manchester

Eco-friendly packingThis is where you are likely to need an extra knowledge. In transporting you belongings by man and van Manchester, you need to decide on the means first, although whatever be the means of transport, one thing you must do know your fuelling options. This is where you will need the assistance of an experience green mover. Most of them now promote green moving and have the facilities for that. If the company does not, try more companies. You will surely get one that work with trucks that emit less CO2 and use biodegradable fuels.

Suppose you have bulky things like your car, high-power generating set or your container that can or cannot be transported by trucks. It will be greener if you considered moving them by train or sea in the case of international moving Wigan. Trains are known to be far more fuel-efficient compared to trucks.

How to live eco-friendly

On getting to your new home, you just have to bear in mind that your green move has initiated a resolution that you will forever keep the universe healthy. Therefore, cultivating new living modes is necessary. Below are new habits that will help you not break your covenant with nature:

  • Do not burn in the quest to tidy your compound.
  • Unplug your electrical gadgets when not in use.
  • Adopt the use of bulb that consume less energy and do not contain mercury.
  • Ensure your doors, windows and roof does not leak air.
  • Only buy appliances with the real ENERGY STAR labels.
  • Use renewable energy sources like solar panels if you can afford it.

Green moving has a whole lot of benefits. We need to promote it to keep reaping these benefits and at the end leave a better place for our generations unborn.