Moving in a hurry

Have you been served a quite notice by your landlord or a higher authority and you have no choice but to start organizing your last minute removals Manchester? Or is your house rent due to expire in a few weeks time and you do not wish to continue residing in your current apartment? Having to organise domestic removals Wigan or office moving in a hurry can cause a lot of problems. Moving is a time consuming process and can at times be complicating. It requires thorough planning and strategic organization of your programmes in such a way that both you and your belongings will at long last be safe.
Experience has it that anybody moving in a hurry will make a lot of mistakes, take series of wrong decisions and ignore a lot of things that do matter. Below are potential risks you can encounter when moving in a hurry:

Last-minute move stress

Whenever you are on the verge of your house removals Eccles, the stress you are to go through within those few days of week as the case may be might just be too much a burden for you to bear. The worst part of the whole thing is that you are in it alone and cannot rely on anyone for help unless you have got a few pounds to spend on hiring removal companies. Whether you find help or not, the fact remains that you have to move.

To have a stress-free relocation from your current home or office, there must be impeccable orderliness and organization in how you go about the entire process. Having received a quit notice from either your landlord or the government, you are compelled to complete the entire moving process within a limited timeframe. The pressure of having to wrap, pack and move all your numerous belongings can make it extremely difficult for you to properly organise your preparation for the move.

One fact most landlords just refuse to consider is that for you vacate their house, you will have to pack into a new one. Finding accommodation these days can be very frustrating as population density keeps increasing in most big cities in the world. With the short notice, you can end up not meeting up with deadline.

If you, under normal circumstances, decide to shop for a new home, you will enjoy the liberty of taking your time to find that kind of apartment that meets your personal desires. You choose the location, style of building and will above all have enough freedom to negotiate the terms of the lease. On the contrary, when you have a reason to move in a hurry, all that freedom will be gone. You will be forced to make do with whatever you come across. At least, it is far better than having no home at all.

Extra costs of moving in hurry

Beginning  with your local removal companies, your real estate agent to your future landlord, the cost of service of all those that will in one way or the other involved in making your move a success gets inflated. All your local firms offer removals, needs as proof that you are in a hurry to move is you booking today and needing your service tomorrow. For this reason, the cost of moving your belongings will be inflated.

For your real estate agent and your prospective landlords, you cannot hide the fact that you need to get an apartment as soon as possible. The agent will charge you an extra cost to get you a new place within the specified time while the landlord take advantage of the situation to slightly increase the cost of renting his house.

But please don’t panic. You still don’t have to overpay for your upcoming removals. Even if you are looking for last-minute moving firms using modern fleet of vehicles, you should still spend a little more time and compare moving prices in your area. Getting at least a few moving quotes is always a good decision.

Last-minute moving advice

When you have no choice but to move as soon as possible whether it is weekend or weekday moving, it does not call for alarm as there is a solution to every problem. Using the following helpful tips, you can reduce errors, ease pressure and get organised when moving:

  • Do not panic
    Complaining to friends and relatives about the situation on ground is not the solution to your problem. It rather aggravates it by wasting your time. If you are moving because of a quite short notice, there is nothing you can do about that. Also, if you just decided to move, then I guess you have found a greener pasture. So do not panic and begin preparations, the sooner the better.
  • Prepare a moving day checklist
    The most effective tool that helps you in the organization of your programmes within this hectic period is a cleverly prepared checklist. Prepare one for yourself or look out for some on the internet and endeavour to work with it.
  • Hire a professional mover
    When things get critical like this, the professional grab the opportunity to shine. Hiring an expert in the field will help you a lot. You need a new apartment, perfect wrapping and packing skills. All these you can get from a professional real estate agent.


In conclusion, moving in a hurry is an experience you should pray not to have however, if you have to deal with it at some point. Make determination your watchword and you will get through it.