Safe Heavy Lifting

Every work has its own hazards and risks. Nothing pains more than getting injured while trying to get a piece of work done. It adds more sorrow to your misery, gets you discouraged and shatters your plans before you know it. Knowing fully well that you are the move, you have to be in good shape to carry out all the tasks that will need to be done. You need to work with time, especially if your relocation to a new home was initiated by a quit notice from a present landlord. However, if being in a good shape during the removal is rather a wish than truth, because of recent injury for example, you do not have to worry – there is plenty of removal companies Manchester that await your call.
With injuries as one major thing that can hamper the progress of your house moving Bury project, you need to devise shrewd means of not just safeguarding your belongings but also yourself. The work that exposes you to the greatest risk of injuries while packing and moving to a new home is the lifting of heavy loads and furniture. For this reason, you need to count on the following helpful tips to keep yourself and those heavy boxes and furniture of yours safe:

  1.      Check every load before you lift it

Man with a backacheThe anticipation of finally going to enjoy a bottle of brandy sitting right at the balcony of your new home with a newspaper in your hand, can make you forget that there is a chance it will not work out today. You need to know the content of every load you are to carry before you ever try to lift it. Check the weight by gently pushing the load to know if lifting it would work or not. Every load you will not have difficulty in lifting will certainly make the slightest move while pushing it. Do not be fooled by small sizes. At times, they tend to be the heaviest.
Nevertheless, if the anticipation is too strong to handle it, you can always do your best to carry smaller items on your own, and order a man and van Manchester team to help you move heavy or bulky objects. Precise requirements are a key to successful cooperation, so you do not have hire the relocation company to get the whole job done. A perfect solution is to hire man and van to fit your particular needs. Dividing task into those you can accomplish on your own, and those you’d appreciate some help with seems to be a good practice not only when it comes to relocation Altrincham.

2.     Ensure every load is packed correctly

There are certain dangers that go with a poorly done packing. The two major problems that it may cause are either scattering of all the goods out of a box or throwing you off your balance. The content of every box should not be allowed to move inside as it jeopardizes the safety of the content and that of you, the carrier. It can lead to accident so you had better take your time to carefully examine packing tips and to pack your goods meticulously.

3.     Avoid gripping large loads

Loads that are too large can give you problem when lifting. This is usually the case with large pieces of furniture like tables, cabinets, cupboards, book shelves and so on. For these kinds of items, one thing you have to find out is whether or not you can comfortably grasp the object. I will strongly suggest that you go get help for any object that your hands and your belly cannot go round three fourth of it. If your hand can cover this far round the object, it will enable you hold onto the object till you get to your desired destination. Unfortunately, not all of the heavy objects have dimensions allowing for a man to grasp it. There are even more objects that are not only heavy, but also bulky or even oversized. For such a problematic things, the only correct answer of how to move beds safely, is doing it with the help of other people. We’d strongly recommend checking Manchester furniture movers in order to entrust such a risky task to professionals.

4.     Stand close when lifting a heavy object

During the removals Prestwich process, you are going to lift boxes of items and furniture of different weights and sizes. You have to be very careful with each of them. You might not feel the pain of lifting that upholstered armchair alone until you attempt lifting a far lighter object like your stabilizer. The best way to lift a heavy load is to stand very close to it, squat down, grab it with both hand slightly gripping it and then gently stand up with the object.

5.    Take a stable position

Positioning yourself the wrong way when lifting heavy loads and things difficult to move can be the reason why you will soon complain of back pain.
You are meant to keep your feet apart, with one leg brought slightly forward to enable you maintain balance. Before you finally lift the load, get yourself ready to move your feet. This will surely help you maintain a firm posture.

6.    Dress properly before lifting

Poor packing into boxesIf you are a fashion freak, you must banish your obsession for it for the few hours you will be handling heavy objects. You have to avoid wearing clothes that will not give you the maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Avoid unstable footwear, such as high-heels or flip flops as they can easily lead to accidents during Salford removals.

7.    Adjust before you stand

People are fond of throwing up objects they are lifting a little bit and catching it immediately with a tighter grasp. This can be considered a clever solution for objects of reasonable weight but for those heavy boxes and furniture you are about lifting, it can be extremely dangerous. If, while lifting a load, managed to hold on to one end, missing the other end, all you need do is bend your knee a little to adjust before you finally stand to your feet.
The biggest cause of injuries while at work is the inappropriate lifting and handling of object. With the above tips, you can save yourself from potential work injuries.