Tips on how to prepare for the move 10 weeks before. 

Organization and  planning for a minimum of ten weeks prior the scheduled date of your house removal is the key to a smooth house or office relocation. It is good idea to make a list of tasks to be performed in a timely manner to not forget anything. Good house or office moving preparation is the key to smooth removals.

Things to take
In the meantime, look around your home or office and think about what you need to take and what is better to get rid of. Not all of the furniture or household stuff will be used in a new home or apartment. Some things you can just throw away, others will need to be disposed of, such as old fridge or old washing machine.

Items you don't need any more  you may give to your friends or family. Furniture and other equipment can be valuable so try to sell them on auction sites or by giving advertisement in the press. Another method is to put furniture to commission.

Search for reliable house removal company in Manchester employing experienced staff, with insurance and running their business in the office and not at home, in this way can avoid amateur carriers. 

Make sure that the companies have a free date selected by you,  remember that m
any companies do not work on Sundays, Find out if 
someone in your family, or friends recently used the services of such a company? 

Check a couple of testimonials
A satisfied customer is the best reference. If not - compare the offers of several removal companies from Manchester. Choose a reliable company, providing high quality removal services.

Experienced stuff, is one of the basic elements. High qualified removal team guarantees customer satisfaction. Removals company should have professional insurance, which will protect your household stuff both during transport and during the move! Keep in mind that the lowest price does not always mean satisfaction with the service.