A short guide to living in Manchester 

Some basic informations for people moving in to Manchester

Cost of living

Cost of living - moneyCost of living in Manchester are at an average level. For some people the costs are too high, and for others to adopt. It all depends on our lifestyle. It is much cheaper than in the capital, but the maintenance costs are not also one of the lowest in the country. Average hourly rate in Manchester is around £ 6.30.


Manchester has almost 500.000 inhabitants and is one of the largest cities in the UK. People using car as their main transport should take into account the fact that during rush hour the roads are very crowded and you can get stuck in a traffic jam. For those using public transport there is good information. The city has invested a lot of money in the expansion and modernization of the public transport network. Residents can enjoy a Metrolink tram system (which connects city centre with Bury, Altricham, Eccles), a network of bus or free transport MetroShuttle.

Multicultural city

Among such a large population, you can meet people from many countries. Many cultures in one city affects various aspects of everyday life.  Hundreds of restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world, or whether it shops selling food or items specific to a particular social group.


Woman in the officeToday's job market is (as in anywhere in the UK) rather difficult, but in a large industrial city is much easier to find a job than in smaller centers. Very helpful for people looking for a job is Jobcentre Plus, which specializes in finding work both full time and part time. They also can organize training.


Entertainment in townThere are plenty of attractions and things to do in Manchester. In terms of cultural and entertainment life of the city is booming. Everyone will find something to do in free time. It depends on what one likes to do. There are many pubs. If you're the type of person who likes to go to pubs or clubs, it certainly will not be bored. If you want to try many different types of food from different countries you will find hundreds of restaurants, and if you like quiet places that you absolutely must visit parks in Manchester.