Cheap removals

Save up to 33%Moving does not have to involve huge costs. It is natural that each of us would like to reduce the costs associated with office or house relocation. Please read the following notes, which can be helpful when planning a cheap removals in Manchester.


Early planning

Start planning your relocation early. In this way you will have enough time to find a moving company and choose the most convenient potential moving date. Please note that in the case of short notice it may be difficult to organize a cheap moving. Additional charges may be applied due to late booking and too short notice. Trying to find moving company at the last minute you may find that the only available dates are on the weekend, which may not be the cheapest removals date.  It will be also easier to find cheap removal company if you are relocating in the middle of the month. If you are moving abroad you should start looking for shipping companies at least few months earlier. 

What to move? What to leave?

Before you start searching for cheap moving company, make a list of things that you need to take to  new house or apartment and for which transport is required. You may possess a lot of stuff you will never use again so there is no point to moving them. By minimizing volume of your house removals you can also reduce removals costs. Unwanted furniture or other office or house equipment may be sold and money earned can be used to cover some costs of moving.

Do what you can on your own

Moving companies offer flexible services accordingly to customer's budget and their requirements. With a limited budget, you can perform some of the removal tasks on yourself, thus lowering the costs of moving in Manchester.

Packing yourselfYou may opt-out from packing services and do it yourself. You will of course need the appropriate packing materials such as boxes, packing paper, tapes, bubble wrap, which should be provided by your moving company for some additional costs. You may also try to use the Internet and compare prices of packing products offered by online stores which tend to offer competitive prices and cheap packing materials. When searching for online packing materials supplies, you don’t have to be limited only to local supplies in Manchester area. In the case of online orders, goods should be delivered next day, regardless of store location.

If you have a car, you can transport some smaller belongings on your own, especially the most expensive items, or those that have some sentimental value. In this way, you can avoid some stress as you will do not have to worry about the most valuable possessions and your moving will be a bit cheaper.

Short duration time - cheap removals

By minimizing the time required to accomplish movement, we can significantly reduce moving costs. This can be achieved by:

  • Schedule your removals in the middle of the week and if possible arrange transportation in off-peak hours in order to avoid rush hour and traffic jams.
  • Make sure that removal vehicles have easy access to the property so that it would be possible to drive up as close to the property as possible. It will reduce the time needed for both loading and  unloading.
  • Detailed description of the boxes, so the team will be able to quickly unload them at destination location without unnecessary questions which room to place each box in.
  • Prepare furniture - empty cabinets and drawers, remove the shelves. If it is necessary to dismantle the furniture, you can try to do it yourself.
  • Disconnect all electronics and computers

Compare prices

compare quotesMost importantly, when looking for movers do not limit yourself to the first company found on the Internet or yellow pages. You should get at least a few estimates to be able to compare costs and find cheap removal companies. There are different types of movers in Manchester. To compare services, you can do it yourself and send a quote request to several companies or take advantage of online comparison sites and save your time. By filling out one form, you can get several estimates and find the cheapest removal prices.

Alternative for professional removal companies

If your move is not too large, you can find Manchester man and van companies, specializing in small removals, usually one bedroom house removals and no more than 2 bedroom houses, offering usually cheap house removals solutions. However, it is good to check the reputation of such service providers by looking for online reviews and comments of people who used their services in the past. Please note that although you are looking for low removal cost, you still deserve high quality of service.