Moving a safe

Moving safe - loading into truckMoving a safe is quite difficult and complicated task. Due to its weight and dimensions it usually requires special equipment as well as proper knowledge about moving safes. Most professional Manchester removal companies, have fleet of special vehicles that have all the necessary equipment for loading, fastening the safe inside the car, unloading and installing it on the new site. You can find professional firms that specialize in moving safes in almost every town in Greater Manchester. Just type in Google: safe removals Bolton, Wigan, Stockport or any town.  

How to move a safe

Moving heavy safesFirst of all the company's employees have to evaluate the scope of the particular job. Indeed, contemporary safes differ not only for its size, but even the forms, weight, materials and methods of  installation. Every case is different and it affects process of moving safe. Once the scope of tasks to be done has been evaluated, team of workers with the help of special equipment loads a safe into the moving truck. The contents of such a vehicle should be unknown to outsiders, so they will not be able to guess how valuable cargo is carried inside. 

If you hire professional company, your safe will be under heavy guard of security guards, employees engaged in transportation at each stage of the move. Therefore, content of the safe will remain safe from burglars and other interested persons. It is why we strongly recommend to hire solid and trusted moving company rather than small Bolton man and van firm, After arriving at the destination, again by means of special equipment it is removed from the car and moved to the building or premises, where will be installed.

Techniques and equipment

Tail lift - loading safeEquipment for transportation of safes can be divided into several groups. The first is the tools by which they can dismantle the safe, such as its removal from the wall. This work is carried out carefully so as not to damage both a safe and the building construction. The next group consists of tools and equipment that helps the workers to carry and install safe into the new location. For example, a heavy duty dolly, lifts and cranes, variety of trucks and trailers,

Depending on the size of the safe equipment may be different. In some conditions will be convenient to simply transfer the safe manually, some even require cranes and other heavy equipment to  carry cargo with a large weight.

If you have a safe and you do not know how to approach to the transportation, you can avoid unnecessary stress  contact moving companies visible on our website. Their staff will be happy to help you in any way, regardless of the complexity of the order. With a variety of equipment and machinery, transportation will be done safely, without damage, quickly and accurately. You do not have to worry about the contents of the safe – their job is to transport it in intact condition.