Pool table removals

Pool tableIf you are the lucky owner of a snooker or pool table and must transport it to a new place, surely you care to make this process was held smoothly and without any damage. If you visit this site you probably are looking for a professional Manchester removal company or essential information about moving the billiard table. The risk of damage while transporting it is large and should be taken only by professional pool table movers. Using this guide, you can avoid common problems and to have it transported with minimal fuss.

Preparing for pool table moving

Moving a pool table is not the time to experiment! Consult a professional movers, preferably with a proven history of moving large and bulky items. In the case of moving such unusual items it is really profitable to use the services of professional carriers to avoid stress of moving.
No matter if you decide to look for the carrier through our website (we cooperate also with Bolton, Wigan and Stockport removals firms)  or in any other way, it is important that you ask as many questions that come to your mind.

  • Do you have experience in transport of heavy goods?
  • Do you have adequate insurance?
  • Do you have the right equipment for handling and loading / unloading of the pool table?
  • Is the vehicle able to carry such a heavy load?

There are only the most important questions to ask before choosing a carrier.  It is also good to compare removals services offered by different firms.

Snooker tableMedium-sized table can weigh 500kg and snooker table can weigh even much more. This weight can be daunting even for some professional Manchester man and van firms so it is important to provide as many details and information to a potential carrier. Some things which you should specify at start: the weight and size of the table, accessibility to your property, describe if there are any other barriers in the form of stairs, narrow corridor, doors, etc. The transport of such heavy item requires a team of at least four men, physically fit enough to easily transport your billiard table. Team should use gloves to protect hands and prevent from slipping of the table.

Using a lift

If you have wide doorways, corridors and adequate space you can use the hydraulic lift dolly. This will allow for much easier pool table carriage, without its disassembling. For this you will need a big enough lift.

With the help of two people, on both sides, move the dolly under the table, setting it up so that the weight is distributed evenly. When it is in place, use a jack to raise the table for about five inches above the ground. Start slow taxiing to the vehicle, with team help to proper stabilization. Make sure that the route is planned before you start, considering the door sills and door frames, which could be a challenge when you move.

Pool table disassembling and reassembling

Disassembling pool tableIn most cases you will have to completely disassemble your pool table (especially  before being transported over a considerable distance. Dismantling minimizes the risk of damages but if you're not careful, you can also end up with parts of the table that can’t be refitted. Remember about good labelling all parts as it is important for easy reassembling.

Pay extra attention when removing slate bed. It can consist of one, two or three parts and can be extremely heavy. You will need two men on both sides to move each part.

Reassembling is just as important, if not more important than the transport. The slate bed must be placed correctly and perfectly levelled – you do not want the balls were pending always to the same pocket! Even if you use the dolly, the billiard table may still need levelling. We strongly recommend to hire a professional engineer to reassemble the pool table.