Moving a sofa

Sofa in living roomAlmost every house is equipped with a sofa. Regardless of whether you had your sofa for a long time or you have just bought a new one to your living room, through the use of this guide, your sofa should be delivered to a new place in undamaged condition.


Moving sofa with professionals

If you decide to hire professional Bolton removals team you don’t have to worry how to move your sofa. Any Greater Manchester removal company has experienced team, professional equipment and modern vehicles so can easily handle with moving large and heavy furniture. But remember that it is always important to give as much details about your furniture as possible to potential carriers of the details of the sofa, so you should be prepared to answer the following questions: What are its dimensions? What is the weight? What is upholstery fabric made of? Is it be possible to dismantle it?

If you using our removals comparison services to find suitable Bolton man and van team, you can use additional details box where you can provide as much information as possible to our contractors. 

Moving sofa on your own

Two man loading sofaHalf of success when you move the sofa is actually getting with it out to the van. For this work you will probably have to invite a friend to help with lifting and moving it. If your sofa is particularly heavy,  you will of course need a bigger team! It is easier to move two seater sofa then three or four seater one.

If you cannot or do not want to dismantle this piece of furniture and would prefer to transport it in one piece, it is essential to measure its dimensions and compare with both the width and height of doors and corridors, to make sure that the sofa is can be moved through them. If so, you can move your  sofa! However, if the dimensions are larger, you will need to dismantle it into smaller parts.

Some sofas can be easily disassembled (especially those ordered from Ikea), which will allows you to easily transport it. When dismantling, follow the manufacturer's instructions and pack each section in blankets or soft materials. In worst scenario, you will not be able to dismantle it on your own, and therefore you will need to hire upholsterer to do it.

During the transport it should be wrapped with a moving blanket or a soft cloth, sometimes even with two layers, making sure that there are no exposed parts of upholstery. It is essential to protect your sofa against dirt and damage that may occur during transport. In similar way you should secure on all the pillows, which were removed from the couch.

Make sure that after loading it into a van or a truck, the couch is secured properly, so as to prevent it from unnecessary dislocation during the journey, as well, that nothing was laid on the couch, what during transport could cause damage.