5 Reasons for Moving to Denmark from Manchester

DenmarkDenmark may not be the most common of places to relocate to. Shipping from Manchester to Australia, Spain, Italy, America, and many others are more popular choices than Denmark. But if you fancy a move then consider the small-peninsula state north of Germany, for it has some wonderful things to offer. Once you decide where to live,  you can start looking for experienced Manchester removals firm. Hiring Manchester man and van for your international removals may not be the best choice. Smaller movers are ideal for moving sofa or student moves but not for international shipping. If it’s your first removals, you should download our moving checklist.

Increasing number of ex-pats are travelling to Denmark; in 2008 the number was around 33,000 which went up to 41,500 by 2010. These may be some of the reasons why.

Maternity Leave in Denmark

If you are considering relocating to start a family, then consider the benefits of being a Danish tax-payer. Their maternal leave provides some of the most extensive benefits to new Mother’s anywhere in the world. The average maternity leave is 52 weeks and is 100% paid for, which is ideal for a new Mother. As maternity benefits continue to be squeezed by other faltering western economies, Denmark has not blinked an eye as of yet. Of course to be a beneficiary of this you will have to have been employed by a Danish company or the Danish state, so if it is your idea to relocate to start a family, make sure you have been employed there first before you start a family in order to reap full rewards of the benefits.

Education in Denmark

Education in DenmarkIf you do choose to move to Denmark from Manchester in order to start a family, then know their education institutions are some of the best and cheapest in the world. Like most Scandinavian countries, Denmark score well in primary education rankings; Denmark outranked the UK, Italy, and Spain in a recent PISA study. As for higher education, Denmark universities are free to attend and have some of the nicest facilities, especially accommodation facilities, out of all higher education institutions in the world. As university fees are now £9,000 per year in the UK at most institutions, moving to Denmark could be of great financial benefit to you in the long run.

Danes are the Happiest People in the World

As you probably know, there are countless surveys carried out on countless amounts of issues; one of those issues is regularly happiness or well-being. Danes usually are at the top of these rankings, or hanging around the top with other gleeful countries. In a 2013 survey, Denmark came out on top, scoring an average 7.8 out of 10 on the happiness scale. On top of all that, a randstad.com poll found Denmark employees were the happiest in the European region, with 35% posting a satisfied rating.

The Pastries

Now, no one should move country because of pastry, but Denmark is making the best case to do so. They are home, of course, to the Danish (although the pastry is known the first originate in Austria). The popular pastry, made out of flour, yeast, eggs, milk, and butter has gone international and are now consumed in their millions globally. Unless you have a particularly sweet tooth, then don’t relocate because of pastry. But consider that your breakfast will never be bland again.

Language Barrier

There is none! Well, to a certain extent. Over 80% of Danes speak English, and Danish is one of the easier languages for English-speaking people to learn as much of English originated from language of the Angles, who were from Denmark. The advantages of not having to speak in a different tongue is that you feel more at home; there are more people that you can communicate with. It also means you can learn the Danish in your own time, not having to frantically become almost fluent in in order to survive in Denmark.