Safe removals

There are many things that can go wrong throughout a domestic removals, and you will likely be worried about things like lateness, delays, or forgetting things being part of the move and disrupting things. There are however some slightly more worrying dangers laying in wait if you are not careful, as the process of lifting a load of furniture and boxes on to a van can be fraught with issues. Knowing the potential problems is the best way to protect against them, so be sure that you are aware of the dangers that can crop up before you set out on your removals journey!

Safety during loading items

Man with trolleyThe main issues come when lifting things on your own. If your removal Central London is a smaller one, you may have hired man and van service to help you move everything. These services are amazing, but they require a lot of work from you in the first place, as you will likely need to help the driver to lift larger items up stairs and in to your place. If you are not ready for the strain of lifting, or if you are not aware of the safety procedures that should be observed when lifting, then you could be in trouble. The issues associated with injuring yourself when lifting heavy items tend to be to do with long term back, neck and knee problems, as the strain will be spread amongst your key weight bearing centers. For this reason, if you are moving sofa or any other heavy items, you should keep your back straight, and bend your knees as low as you can before attempting to lift an item off of the floor. Keeping your arms a little bent will protect you from over stretching them, and you should be aware of where your hands are on the item at all times, as it is easy to trap them between the door frame and larger pieces of furniture. For this reason, lifting gloves are highly recommended, as they protect against such issues whilst also ensuring that you have a good grip at all times, with rubberized material on the palms.

Lifting heavy boxes

So, what else can be a danger? Well, even if you have your lifting technique down in a way that prevents causing you pain, how safe is it for the items that you are carrying? When lifting boxes, you should be sure to carry them with at least one arm underneath, to prevent any spillage should be box fall open from underneath. Defects in taping and boxes that are old can lead to disastrous failures that result in serious damage, as the breakage often comes as completely unexpected by the person who is carrying the box. You can protect against this by being sure to keep a hand below the box, as this will stop the contents falling out, and will reduce the pressure on the tape

Packing into boxesWhen stacking boxes, be sure to put the heavier ones at the bottom, so that the balance is maintained. Be thoughtful about placing things in the van, as there will be ways in which you can place items that naturally protects them from one another. A rub between items will stop them from marking each other, and can prevent things sliding around, whilst a heavy items next to one that may fall over can secure it better for when the van is moving.

If you can keep your eyes and ears open and be aware of the potential issues that you may run in to, then there is no reason as to why you should encounter any of these problems. If you are moving first house you should hire professional specialists. There is a lot of reliable removal companies in Wigan, Stockport, Oldham or any other are in Greater Manchester.