Should You Help Your Movers

Woman helps to carry boxesMoving house or warehouse involves a lot of things. It is virtually impossible to move home, warehouse or office without getting involved. There is the tendency to hire Stockport removals firm in order for them to do everything. Even if you pay for everything, you may still get involved in the moving process or help your movers in one way or the other. Things can go wrong especially at the current location you are moving out from if you are not careful. But you can do a lot to make sure that everything goes according to plan and avoid stress of moving. Put differently, it is necessary that you help your movers to ensure a smooth moving of your items.

First, you should bear in mind that you are the general overseer and thus you have to be up and doing to ensure that everything goes as you want. Prepare a schedule for the moving. You should also get the map or direction for the new location ready. Yes, it is most likely that every  mover will know the direction to your new resident or office, but you have to ensure that nothing goes wrong on the way. So, get the map and direction ready and hand it over to the leader of your Stockport man and van team.

Help with packing and labelling

Be around during packing to ensure items are packed in the right boxes. Most movers have professional packers. However, they are human beings and they can make mistakes. So, you should ensure that they pack the items in the right boxes. Besides, these items are your valuables. So, it is not good leaving your valuables to stranger especially during this packing stage. They will be more careful in handling your items if you are around but if you are not around, there is the tendency for them to do as they like.

Labelling is another area that you should come in and offer some help to your movers. Proper labelling makes for easy unpacking. So, you have to ensure that it is properly done. Check what is written on each carton to see if it corresponds to what is contained inside it.

Assistance with loading

Woman assist with loading boxesThe movers may also require your help during the loading process. Though, you may not be so much involved with the loading especially if you have paid for such service. But it is not a bad idea to be around and supervise how the boxes are loaded. You can even put boxes that contain important documents like your certificates by yourself on the truck in a place where you can easily locate it when the load arrives at the final location.

The movers are supposed to prepare a list of all the items they are moving. Your help or attention may be required during this period. You can play a supervisory role. But the point is that it is not good to allow the mover to prepare inventory alone. You should make sure that the every item loaded in the truck appears in the list. On getting to the last destination, you should also ensure that all the items in the list are unloaded and brought inside.

Special attention when moving with pets

Beware of the dogAre you shipping pets overseas? If the answer to the above question is yes, then you have to help your Stockport shipping team in muzzling and caging your pets especially dogs. Your presence will make the animal to feel relaxed and not be afraid. It will reassure the pet that it is being caged and taken away not to be harmed. Besides, some pets like dogs can be very aggressive to strangers especially if they are also kept for security reasons. Leaving the movers alone with such a dog is very risky to them. The dog will surely attack them. But if you are around, you will prevent such attack.

Assistance at destination

You may also give the movers some help when your load arrives at the final location in many ways like unloading and counting the boxes to ensure it corresponds to the number of items listed in the inventory. Even though your role in both locations is more of a supervisory role, it will be a very good help to the movers and achieve easy house removals