How to move office furniture

Preparing office furniture for movingMoving office to a new locality can be a tedious task, particularly when you need to shift all your old office furniture including desks and other furnishing, computers/desktops equipment, huge piles of files, and other necessary things. However, with professional office furniture dismantling and reassembling services you can avoid stress of moving and everything would be shifted and settled in the new location smoothly. This is because such companies have highly trained professionals who have passed rigorous quality and safety standards.

Finding office dismantling services

There are certain things to keep in mind while choosing any dismantling and reassembling services:

Office team planning relocation

  • Ask around for referrals – if someone has previously hired Manchester furniture moving company, ask them about it and they would be happy to narrate their experience with a specific company. Moreover, they can also give you a good tip for moving out the furniture from their own experience.
  • Check if your local Wigan removals company has necessary packing materials available – certain highly sophisticated furniture like CEO's imported glass table might require proper packaging while moving as a single jolt might bring a scratch or crack on the glass table. So, the company should have the necessary boxes, plastic sheets, and other packing material available like bands, straps, pads/blankets for shifting.
  • Insurance and liability factor – always go for a company that offers insurance because in case of breakage, theft or some other unfortunate event, the company would be held liable for it.
  • Unbeatable price – the price for moving shouldn't be a bit too much and if there are things like office files or other minor things which charge you extra and can be moved in your car then do it on your own to save some money.
  • Enough trucks– make sure the company has enough moving trucks so that all your furniture is moved in a day instead of taking it 3-4 days to shift due to non-availability of many trucks.

Professional dismantling

Professional dismantling teamOnce you have selected the company keeping the above factors in mind, you should concentrate on their dismantling and reassembly services. This is because if your furniture is a bit old or isn't very expensive there are chances that while dismantling it will break if proper care and techniques aren't used. For this purpose a professional in the field is required who can at times just see and tell what would be the ideal way of transporting it, if dismantling everything is safe or just some of it would work.

But if you are considering to move on your own do make sure that the office furniture dismantling is done by some professional because if you do it yourself there are chances you end up losing some important screws or nuts of some tables. A good idea is to use small plastic bags and tape them to its relevant furniture part (make sure it doesn't destroy the polish while taking off the tape).

Reassembling office furniture

Lastly, the office furniture should be reassembled exactly where it is supposed to be placed in its new office. Don't allow the professionals to reassemble it anywhere in the new office and later when you push the tables and other furniture here and there it would bring wear and tear. So, a person should be there instructing them where everything should be placed in the new office to avoid any mess later on.