Secure self-storage

Storage facilitiesWhen the time comes to moving house or office, there is every chance that you will need to place items in storage. Manchester storage services  has seen a huge increase in popularity and is a great way to store any excess items you may have. However, for the ease of access self-storage offers, security will always be a questionable issue. Whatever storage you opt for, you should always take security seriously. This storage guide looks at the security measures you should be looking at when you place items into self-storage.


Base Level Security

When looking for safe storage units, each one you visit will more than likely have their own security features. All of us have different requirements, some of us need to move a sofa to a storage and don’t need high level of security, once others may storage for valuable antiques, when they need higher level of security. However, no matter what level you need, you should always be on the lookout for a unit that is modern and situated in a positive neighbourhood. Ask to take a tour of the facility, take note of the sites condition and security features. Draw your own conclusions and don’t necessarily take the site manager’s word as gospel.


Walls and Fencing

Check the facilities wall and fence setup. Suitable perimeters in the form of a high wall or fence can help keep out unwanted intruders. Additional features such as iron bars, razor wire and barbed wire around the top should also be of note to you. Wooden fences are considered weak in tough weather, easy to scale and simple to break through, if this is a security measure that your storage facility uses questions should be asked.



Accessibility 7 day a week 24 hours a dayAs a customer, you want to have easy access to your items, but you don’t want random passers by having a similar luxury. Your Manchester storage facility should utilise rigid gate mechanisms in order to halt and allow customer access. Another popular and secure system is ID cards, limiting access to the facility via a key swipe system. Retina displays have also been implemented in some facilities, proving to be the ultimate in accessibility security. All gates to a facility should be manned to prevent any untoward characters entering the site during someone else’s entry. As far as your unit goes, it should be protected by a heavyweight security door or gate, while also being fitted with an alarm system.



A site can have all the modern technology in the world, but nothing is more effective than eyes on the ground. If you are going to rent Manchester storage unit, you want to make sure that there are surveillance cameras covering the sight twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Management, on a regular basis, should review the footage obtained from such, not just when an incident is reported. The facility should also run footman patrols via security guards on a daily basis. Remember, when you look at the security features of a facility, surveillance capabilities should be a top priority.



Storing goods in secure unitsIf you opt for self-storage then some of the responsibility for security will fall on your shoulders. This usually takes form in how your unit is locked. Before purchasing a lock for your unit speak to the site manager and see what they recommend specifically for your particular unit. If that doesn’t help, start researching lock types and see which one covers the security needs you require. Just make sure you buy something that can’t be easily broken or tampered with.

Final Thoughts

Finding a self-storage unit that can fit all your items isn’t difficult, even most of local removal companies in Oldham, Stockport or any other area offer storage services. But finding one that can keep them secure is another matter altogether. Before your moving date you should take the time to consider what has been mentioned in this article and never sign up for a unit that doesn’t stand up to your security requirements, it will help you to avoid stress.