Declutter Before Moving

The act of downsizing is not the problem since anybody can pick out those things he is no longer in need of at any time. But the major problem remains the issue of deciding what to do with those things you think you are no longer in need of. By avoiding moving unwanted items you can save on your move. As the lower items to be transported by Manchester removal companies, the lower costs of moving. So if you want to find cheap removals services, please follow our tips on how to declutter when moving house. There are many ways to handle the items you do not need when you downsize and they are listed below. 

  1. Save on moving - declutterThe fact is that you will be very happy if you are getting rid of the clutter to make money through it. You are motivated to downsize and de-clutter when you know that you will make some extra bucks through it. So, the number one method to get rid of the belongings you do not need again is to sell them on ebay or gumtree. This has helped a lot of families to get rid of things they do not need again. However, if you will use ebay, you have to be sure to move them out.  Always post with the right picture, and include comprehensive information about the item like size, dimensions, wear and tear and others. You should also try post ads on Thursdays and Fridays, since the market booms during the weekends.
  2. You can also look at other charitable options. For instance, if you have lots of board games that you want to get rid of, you can donate this to the Donate Games group. They have a system whereby they accept used games, sell them and use the money to fund some important medical research.
  3. The next best way to dispose the belongings you are no longer in need of while moving or downsizing is by using the Freecycle system. Here, you have to post the ones you want to give away as an ad on freecycle, so that people in need of them should come and get them. It is actually a better alternative than the yard sale. This is meant to encourage people to give things out instead of throwing them away. Once you post those things you want to give away, you will definitely see people to come and get them. People are always in need of these things.
  4. The sports equipment is to be donated. The fact is that you may have that pair of football boots, racket or table tennis that you don’t value again. You will be surprised at the number of kids who are out there just wishing they can have these things. What you have to do is to get to the stadium or any sports venue in the peak periods and you will see people jostling to have these things from you. There are needy kids that will cherish your baseball mitt or old pair of shin guard.
  5. Do you remember how you feel inside whenever you remember the amount you spent to get that your suite?  Do you still console yourself that you will need to wear this someday?  This may be borne out of mere love for the suite and not because it will be actually useful in the future. There are many men and women alliances that collect these suits for less privileged men and woman. It will be better you release these to them than to keep them any further.
  6. Get rid of unwanted itemsThe fact is that most of the items you will desire to do away with when you are moving are your clothes. Have you heard that there are lots of peer to Peer Clothing Swap services out there. This is something we used to practice when I was in the university. When you are tired of wearing some cloths, you get to your friend who lives in the next town and make a swap with some cloths he is tired of wearing. This has been made official and you can get lots of peer groups that will help you swap clothes you no longer wear with the ones you will need. Just indicate what you have and what you are looking for giving the sizes, colors, and brands. When you do, you will be matched with people that have things you need and who needs the things you have.
  7. You can even organize a de-clutter event for you and your friends. The event will involve allowing people to come and pick the things they need. However, if you really want to move light, you may organize this in such a way that people should come and pick the things they need without bringing anything. It can be a one way thing, and there is no way you will not see your friends and neighbors who will like the things you want to give out.
  8. You can even create a gift closet. When you do, you will have an all-purpose gift store from where you will offer your gifts to people for all events.
  9. You can donate to schools near you or even to the nearest humanitarian body. The artworks, used and broken electronics and others can be donated to the nearby school, and you will be surprised at how the teachers can use springs, gears and wood scraps for sculptures.  Your blankets, towels, balls, and others can go to the humanitarian body.
  10. You can even repurpose them. Use your ingenuity to put these items into different use. For instance, your old CD can become a photo cube, recipe holder and others; while your kid’s old lunchbox can become a first aid kit or homework box.

There are surely many more ways of decluterring when moving house,  but regardless of the way you do it, it's always beneficial to you. You will find out about it once you start looking for local removals Bolton specialists or man and van Stockport services. Most of the moving firms prepare their moving quotes based on the total volume of your load - the less - the cheaper.