Shipping Car To Australia

Loading car on the truckAustralia is a very peculiar country. It has so many characteristics that take it out from many other countries. Of course, when you consider the fact that this is the only country that is a continent on its own, then you know that we are talking about one unique country. Again, Australia is very far and taken away from many other countries. This also influences whatever shipping you will want to do here.

Car shipping to Australia can be a very difficult task, but this is only when you do not know how to do it. Embarking on car shipping to Australia on your own may be a very daisy exercise because you do not have the necessary information and expertise to do so. You have to hire Manchester shipping company that is specialized in the shipping of cars to Australia.

Eligibility criteria of shipping car to Australia

However, before you start searching for the international car shipping company to use in shipping your car to Australia, you have to first of all answer these essential questions. You have to decide whether you are shipping your car on a temporary or permanent basis to Australia.  You also have to ascertain if your car was manufactured before or after January 1989 and whether you have owned the car for more than 12 months. Now, these coupled, with few other considerations will form the basis of the eligibility and import category of your car, and these will determine whether you will be given the import approval or not.

Now, the import approval is given according to different scenarios. For instance, the same eligibility requirement used for people importing classic cars is not what is used for those importing the newer cars. So, you just have to read and know the things that are required before your own type of car will be given import approval. Now, whenever you go wrong in these or when you fail to supply the Australian customs the import approval which you are supposed to have obtained on time, you may have your car placed under quarantine or even sent back to the UK or any place you are importing from.

This is one of the reasons why you should apply or ship your car to Australia through the licensed and experienced international shipping companies.

Rules and regulations

You cannot just hire local Manchester man and van firm to ship your car. You need specialists. And we are professionals in car shipping to Australia and we will offer you comprehensive services.  These include helping you obtain the custom clearance and other documents. Working with us you can avoid stress of moving. Before your car is shipped to Australia, you have to prepare the car so as to be in the acceptable shipping condition. You have to drain the car of the fluids and also isolate the battery. This is when you must have driven the car to the final departure port. Also insure that the luggage and passenger compartments are protected from moisture by placing silica gel sachets strategically on them.

However, you must not make any plans about shipping your car to Australia or to purchase the car you want to ship (if it is going to be a new one) until you have gotten the needed approval. Apart from the Import approval and the VIA which you must obtain before you can ever ship your car to Australia, you must also insure that your car meets the mapped out safety standards. Your car must also meet the gas emission levels as approved by the country’s Motor Vehicles Standard Act of 1989.

Other things you must have in hand before you seek to ship your car to Australia include a valid insurance and safety compliance standard, a valid insurance, proof of ownership and identification. This is because your car will be quarantined and cleared by the department of agriculture, fisheries and forestry.

Other conditions include that your car must not come with air conditioning emitting CFC gas, as this is banned in Australia. However, if you are a tourist to Australia, you can import and use cars in Australia for the first 12 months without paying any customs duty. Vehicles coming in from the US and other countries are also fumigated against the stink bug infestation.

Car shipping methods

Solutions for car shippingThere are many methods of shipping your car to Australia.  The number one method is by shipping your car to Australia through the most popular roll on roll off method, alternatively known as Ro Ro method. Here, you have to drive your car to the port. The cars are later driven to the car shipping decks of the vessel to be used in the shipping. For a better understanding, there are two major car shipping lines in Australia and they are Wallenius Lines and Hoegh Autoliners.

The next method of shipping a car to Australia is through the container system. Here, the revolutionary R Rack system is always used to ship at least four cars in the container, depending on the size of the container and car. However, the normal sized container can comfortably contain at least four cars. This has to be the 40 feet container. With this, the method of building car racks with woods is overtaken and a lot of money is saved. This is also seen as the method that is more very friendly to the environment, and therefore the best method for now.  Most of the world’s car manufacturers use this method in shipping their cars to different places all over the world.

If you are in a hurry you can consider shipping you car by air to Australia but in some cases it might be more the actual value of the car. You can compare sea shipping vs air freight and see what are the diefferences.