How To Move A Beed

How to carry a bed?Whenever you want to move your bed, there is one other thing you cannot run away from. Beds are almost always moved with the mattress because you cannot use only the bed when you get to the new location. So, we will look at how you can move your bed and mattress. When you are moving your bed, you will have a hard time especially when you will be moving bed on your own instead of hire Manchester removals company or one of the Manchester man and van teams. However, with the steps below, you can have it easier for you.

  1. You have to start by packing your bed, and you cannot pack your bed without following the number one rule of thumb which is the setting up of a packing space. Now, we are talking about two large properties here, so you will need a very spacious packing area that is clean and neat enough to avoid losing some of the components or incurring any damage on the fine finish of your bed or the soft mattresses.
  2. When you have your space, go for the needed packing materials. Your bed is an investment and you need to take extreme care of it. Never go for the used materials. Get brand new materials for adequate protection, and to be on the safe side as it concerns insurance claims. You have to start by measuring the bed and the mattress to know the size, quantity and quality of material to use in the packing.  Some of the things you will need for the packing include the bubble wrap, moving blanket, packing peanuts, moving box, packing tape and others.
  3. When you must have acquired all your materials, you now move to the process of preparing your bed and mattress for the move.  You should start this preparation by disassembling or dismantling your bed. Yes, every bed is made of many pieces and you cannot move them as a whole. You have to dismantle so that handling will be easier and safer for you. You have to start by removing the foothold, then the headboard, side rails, the mattress itself, the box spring and all the other peripherals. In fact, you should remove anything that is removable. This will not only allow you easier and safer packing and shipping, it will also reduce the cost of moving. When you must have done this, insure that the removed parts are kept safely in a place where they will be packed in a box. All the screws and hardware should be packed in a zip lock bag and kept to be shipped in the same box with the bed.
  4. When you must have dismantled the bed, then it is time for you to wrap the bed. The mattress should be wrapped because it can be punctured or squeezed out of shape if not wrapped. You can do this with the moving blanket. Spread the blanket and place the mattress at the center of the blanket and wrap the entire mattress with the blanket. You should also secure the edges of the mattress with cardboard sheets or packing foam to avoid any damages on the mattress when the edges hit against other surfaces. After this, you can now bag the mattress with the 2-4mm thick polyurethane mattress shipping bag. After bagging, secure the entire package with packing tape and stretch wrap to insure proper sealing.
  5. Moving mattress on your ownWhen you are through with the bagging, it is now time for you to move ahead to the boxing of your mattress. You have to measure the size of the mattress after you have wrapped and bagged it and go for a box that is 2 inches bigger than the measured size on all sides. When you have the box, cushion the bottom as usual and insure it is sturdy. After this, place the mattress on the center and fill all the sides with void fill. When you do this, shake continuously to make it very sturdy and settled enough. Fill till there is no more space and the mattress will not shake inside the box. After this, you can fill the top and seal the seams of your mattress box. However, if you would be transporting your mattress on a flat position, you have to protect the top by placing hard plywood on the top. This is to insure that the shape of the mattress is maintained even when you drop other loads on it. The plywood will protect the mattress from direct pressure from other items.

For your bed frame, you have to construct your own box with corrugated cardboard sheets. This is when you cannot find a box can contain your bed.  You have to remove all the drawers in the bed. For the ones you cannot remove you have to shut them with some pieces of cardboard or packing paper to insure that they do not open while the bed is being moved. The frames of the bed which you have dismantled should be wrapped with either the moving blankets or the plastic wrapping bags. After this, tape the entire wrapped frames with a duct tape or packing tape. After securing with the tape, then you can now box the bed frames. You should box it the same way you boxed the mattress. Just buy a box that has two inches spaces on all sides. You have to measure the size of the wrapped frames to know the box that will be okay for them. You can ship or transport together or in different boxes. Fill the bottom of the box with the packing peanuts and place the frames in the center. After this, fill all the other sides and the top of the box and shut the seams, sealing with strong packing tape to secure.