Moving Fridge or Freezer

Moving fridge on your ownThere are times when you may have the need to move your fridge or freezer. This may be due to house removals Stockport. It may be because you want to take the fridge to the workshop, and many other causes. The issue of moving your freezer is one that is not easy to embark on. But when you do this following the proper steps, it will be easier for you.

The first part is for you to switch off the fridge and disconnect it from the power source. Make sure that all the removable cables are removed and held together with twisty ties. The ones that cannot be removed should be slotted into the iron net at the back of the fridge. You can tape this into one bundle so that it can be handled easily and will not hinder the movement of the fridge.

The second part of the entire exercise boils down to preparing the fridge for the move. Yes, the refrigerator is one item that you cannot move without proper preparation. This may take days to do.  You have to start the preparation by removing all the contents of the fridge to leave it very empty. When you do, insure that all foods, condiments, fruits and dishes are removed from the fridge. You may have to consume all the perishables.

When you must have removed all the external things you put in the fridge, you have to remove all the removable components of the fridge. This will include all the shelves, trays, organizers, dividers, and all the other parts that are removable. Make sure that you are left only with the main body of the fridge, and that nothing that can slip off is left inside the fridge. When you have all these, dry them, clean them, wrap them with a towel and label them properly. There are cases when people may opt to use tape to secure the shelves in place, but there are still some risks to this. The safest way is to remove shelves and pack them separately. At this juncture, you also have to disconnect the ice maker from the water source.

The next step is for you to defrost the fridge. If you notice any type of frost on the fridge, this must be defrosted before you go on with the move. This may take about 6 to 8 hours. Because of the time it will take, you may want to do this the night before the move, so that you can clean the water in the morning and get your fridge ready for transportation.

After this, take care of the doors and windows.  Close and secure all of them. Make sure the doors are completely shut and held into place. You can do this with a rope or some bungee cord. For the double door refrigerators, you should tie the two handles together. Tie with care to avoid pulling the doors from the alignment. Don’t use tape here to avoid damaging the fine finish of the body of the fridge. Always use rope. However, the fridge that is to be on transit for more than one day should be allowed some space, so that air can go inside, to avoid mold or mildew from growing.

Fridge Moving Techniques

When you are through with these preparations, then you should shop for the people to help you with the carrying of the fridge or freezer. You should not lift and carry the fridge alone because you are transporting it upright with a dolly. If you are not going to use services offered by Manchester removal companies you must find people to help you in lifting and carrying the fridge when negotiating through stairs, corners, and doors to the truck.

Fridge Transportation When it is time to move the fridge, you should use the dolly. Choose any size, but insure that it has a large enough base to contain the bottom of the fridge very comfortably. When the freezer is lifted and dropped, you should insure that enough straps are used to hold this into place. When you have the dolly, lift the fridge with the help of your friends and place it on top of the dolly and secure with straps. Make sure it stands upright on its base to avoid oil going into the coolant and damaging it.

When you get to the truck, you can tilt the fridge and roll it in a gentle manner into the the van. Whether this is a pick-up truck or a van, you have to back it up towards the bed. Here, you place the dolly between the periphery or lip of the truck bed and the fridge itself. If the truck has a ramp, you can roll it in easily, if not, you have to lower it inside with more care. Here, two people should be inside the bed while two should stand down. While the people inside are pulling the handle of the dolly inside, the people standing down should lift the base and push it inside. When the fridge is inside the truck, it will be more secured if you leave it in the dolly during the transportation. But if this is not possible, you must insure that the freezer is kept upright in a corner where it is braced with other furniture and properties.

If you are moving the fridge down a stair, you have to do this step by step. This is better achieved when you have two people in front of the dolly and two at the back, so that they can let the fridge down slowly at each step.

It is now time for you to move your fridge. You can transport with a truck, luton van, your own vehicle, or as freight. There are some removal firms or Stockport man and van services that can offer you this service perfectly and you will enjoy safe, cost effective and on time delivery.