Moving Schedule

Schedule moving day-by-day We actually know that the adage that whoever fails to plan plans to fail is one we cannot dispute in any manner. Whatever endeavor you are embarking can never be successful enough if you do not have a mapped out plan of the steps through which you will arrive at the final destination. The fact remains that whichever way you plan your move, you will discover that house move is always disruptive and will always take hard work, energy and time to accomplish.

Now, the fact remains that no matter the amount of time in your hands, mapping out some few minutes to plan and organize the basics of your move will allow you to make the best of the little time you have to move.

When you are scheduling your move without mapping out the things to accomplish at any point in time and what to look out for at the other, will never get it right. You have to start the preparation 8 weeks or two months before the move, and make a calendar that leads to the moving day. You can start your preparation even 10 weeks before moving day, but let's focus on 8 weeks before.

Eight weeks before you move

Don’t presume that you still have a lot of time on your hand. This is the time to buy your moving journals so that you can make notes of everything about the move on it. You also need to get the floor plan for your new residence, make an inventory of all your household goods and make a decision on whether you will hire Manchester removal company or embark on a self-move.  To be able to find a good deal, you should always compare removal companies, and it should be at least a few different moving firm. Here you can find a tool to compare firms offering removals in Stockport, Wigan and other towns in Greater Manchester. If you choose the former, then choose the company to use and consider if you will need an additional insurance according to what the move offers. You also need to get a moving file for all moving documents, get the needed moving facilities and supplies and get the box for the filing of all your important documents.

Six weeks before moving

When it is six weeks before your move, you have to get your change of address done by filing the cards. You also need to embark on the cleaning of your closets. Sell all the stuffs you will not need in your new destination - decluttering when moving it's always advisable, as the less you have to move, the bigger chance to find cheap removals in Manchester area. Get in touch with your bank and other financial houses for the change of details and choose the school to register your children in your new location. At this time, you also need to start packing, being mindful of the things to pack and those not to pack at this early stage. This is also the time to take care of the health of your pets for the move. Get them checked and vaccinated. You can also decide on which clothes to go with and the ones to go into your essential box at this time.

Four weeks before moving

When it is four weeks before you embark on the move, you have to start making arrangements with your utility companies, as it concerns the disconnection of your utilities. You can also arrange for the date this will be connected in your new home.  If you are doing a self-move, this is the time to arrange for the truck or trailer to use. Your flight and travel plans must be made by now. Continue to sieve the things that must go with you and the ones to leave behind or dispose. Measure your luggage to insure that your chosen transport method can accommodate them. Dismantle all your external furniture like swings, slides and others. Get done with the change of address form and go ahead with your packing.

Two weeks before moving date

When it is two weeks before the move, you have to arrange for the person to take care of your baby on the moving day. Return all the books you got from the library and from friends and collect yours in their disposal. Recover all debts. Make a full check and servicing of your car and also handle its registration and insurance.  Get the elevator arranged for the move both in your location and destination,  get rid of all the hazardous chemicals in your old home and eat up all the perishable items in your pantry and freezer. Take care of your shade, basement and most importantly your baggage, and go ahead with the normal packing. If you are going to hire Manchester man with van team, you will be responsible for all the packing and it's a time to start gathering boxes and other packing materials.

Two days before removals

When its two days before the move, you have to enlist helpers to help you out. On this day, you have to defrost, empty and clean your freezer. Confirm that you have your vital documents like passport, cash, keys, directions and maps and the rental agreement, and keep them within reach. Organize the things you will need upon arrival at the destination, get all the cleaning supplies for the old and new home and make the necessary checkup calls. Call the authorities to ascertain if your truck will be restricted, contact the moving company or truck driver and inform your friends and relative that it is tomorrow. Disassemble the indoor furniture and close all necessary bank accounts while making arrangements for the safe to hold your funds for now. You should also pack the electronics, computer and other peripherals today.

Moving day Checklist

Moving checklistThe moving day is here and you ought to have started the day by setting an alarm the night before, so that you will wake up on time to accomplish other things.  Pick the beddings, towels and other remaining smaller items, take care of the items that are not moving with you, witness the moving companies take your items and confirm that they have the new address and phone number. Make a final check of everything before the truck moves out and sign all the significant documents. After this, conduct a last minute check and drop your contacts with the new tenants. This should be followed by shutting of all lights, windows and doors as you move out.


You can download our pdf version of this moving timeline. Download our printable moving checklist!