Moving TV / PC Screen

How to pack a TV

The fact remains that the LCD TV or the screen of your PC is one of the most fragile things you will ever get to move. This is one we are not disputing in anyway, and because of this, many people do not want to get into the process of moving these things to avoid damages. When you have a pressing need to move your TV from one place to the other, you can make use of Manchester moving companies service like us, and we will offer you cost effective, safe, and secure TV and computer monitor removals.

Now, when you want to move your TV or PC screen, you have to do so through these steps, so as to arrive at a very easy and successful move. This is because of the fact that most of the new TVs of these days come with little or no frames making them to be more of screen. You can do it easily with the original package. But when you do not have this, you have to get a new box for your TV and screen. When you have the box, just follow the steps below.

How to pack and move TV and PC screen

  1. Set up a packing space where you will pack your TV. This is so because you need a spacious and neat platform upon which you will pack your TV to avoid losing any items and causing damages to the TV. The packing space can be your dining table, the room floor or even a work bench. However, you have to use a carpet or blanket to cushion the packing space.
  2. When you have the packing space, buy all your packing materials. Make sure you buy new materials so as to protect your TV from any damage and also offer you the right to make any insurance claims if there is any damage on your TV during the move. You will need a box, bubble wrap, packing tape, packing peanuts and many others. Insure that the box is rated to handle the weight of the TV.
  3. At this juncture, you have to prepare your TV for packing. You can find some basic packing tips on our website. But generally packing TV  means you have to unplug your TV and disconnect it from power, remove all the cords, antennas and other cables, securing these with ties and packing them in a zip lock bag for shipment. Remove the TV from its base or where it is mounted and pack this separately.
  4. All the other screws and hardware should be packed in the zip lock bag too.  After this, clean your TV and dust off all dirt and debris, especially those parts you have not been able to clean before.
    When you are through with this, protect the screen of your TV. Some TVs have plastic screen while others have glass screens. The plastic screen TVs can be scratched easily, so you have to protect the screen. You can do this by covering the screen with a cardboard sheet or any other old sheets. Tape this and insure that you do not tape on the body of the TV. After covering the screen, go ahead and wrap the TV. Use about 1/2 inch of bubble wrap and wrap the entire television and protect with the packing tape. Also wrap all the other removed peripherals.  After wrapping with the bubble wrap, you should also wrap the TV with a blanket. Spread the blanket on the packing space and place the TV on the blanket with the screen facing down and wrap the entire body of the TV with the blanket. Tape this with the packing tape to hold it firmly.
  5. Packing TV in original boxAfter this, you have to pack the TV. Get the original TV box or a new one. If you are going for a new box, you need to measure your TV at this point to ascertain its weight and size so as to know the box that is rated enough to move it. When you have the dimensions, get a box that is bigger than the size of the wrapped TV with about 2 inches extra size on all sides of the box. At this juncture, you have to cushion the box and pack the TV. Start by filling the bottom of the box with anti-static packing peanuts. Shake this while filling until it is sturdy enough; then, place your wrapped TV on the center of the box. When you do this, fill all the other spaces in the four sides of the box with the peanuts and shake well while filling to insure that all spaces are covered and that the TV does not shift inside the box when tossed around.
    When the sides are filled, complete the packing by filling the space on the top until you have to push the seams before they can close. When this is the case, you can now shut the seams and seal them with the packing tape. Make sure you cushion the packing so that the TV or computer screen inside will not feel anything even when the package is thrown on the floor. You can use your finger to press against the package so as to ascertain this. You can now label your TV “fragile” and this “side up”. But you should know that the handlers will never adhere to this, so the surefire cushioning is your best bet.

After this, it is now time to move your TV. Look for the best moving company out there and get a moving quote through the moving calculator. Compare removal companies in Stockport area and choose the best carrier for you according to their cost and moving options. You could alo consider hiring Manchester man and van team but in that case you should purchase the extra insurance.