Housewarming Party after Moving

Friends having partyWe have posited that it is not easy for you to meet new people and make friends with them when you move to a new apartment. The introvert may not have the push and courage to walk up to people and say, “hi, I am new to this place, I live at no 10”. In this case, there are many ways of doing this, and the throwing of a housewarming party is obviously one of them. The fact remains that when you plan such events and parties, you will have another set of impetus to invite all around.

You can follow a procedure so as to do this perfectly well. Start by making sure that you have unpacked your properties as much as needed. The best bet is for you to unpack completely before you through the party. You do not want to provide your guests bad views with scattered boxes left on the floor by Manchester removal companies team, since they will move through your rooms and kitchens.  Now, the venue of the party and the weather are paramount too, and they work hand in hand. In a warm climate, you should host the party outside, to give enough room for movements and reduce the stress of planning and after party cleaning. If you are hosting in winter, it should be indoors and your guest clothes should get a decent closet with enough hangers.

You should allow a casual outlook since you are still not settled. The invitation can go 2 days to 3 weeks before the party, while plastic pack and foils can do for the foods instead of your main dishes.

Another thing you must remember is the most essential detail that will make the party a nice one.  You have to go on easy snacks. You should make use of fresh flowers, candles and other things that will not demand much work or stress you up. You have to set a table where you will prepare and display the gifts. You also have to prepare a very special thank you note that will send the right message.

When you come to a new place, people will like to access your sense of fashion, decoration and other things, so as to know whether you are their type or not. So, you need to show off with the party. Tell them your plans about the new home. Take them on a tour of the home, explaining how you plan to decorate it and the renovation works you intend to do. Who knows, a great contractor or interior deco expert may be among them.

Preparing Housewarming Party

Now, when you are panning the housewarming party, you have to work with the following plan of action.

Start by making a list of all the guests you want to invite. The list should be comprehensive so that you work out the invitation with the list. Consider your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and others.

Food for a partyWhen you have the list, you have to choose the date. This party is always best immediately you move in. However, you have to give room for proper un-packing. When you must have chosen the date and prepared the invitations, you now give them out. Make it 2 weeks before the party. However, shorter or urgent notice can be given when necessary. The invitation can be on the social media, it can be electronic and you can make it by print. The invitations must have the date, start time and end time and the venue of your new home properly spelt out.

After this, you go ahead and plan the food and drinks to use. The party time must also be considered when planning the food to give. If it is a noon party, you should offer lunch while evening and night parties must offer full dinner. Plan on the time to prepare the food and if it is not a feasible, then you can go for easier options. Things like fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese and cracker trays, rolled deli meats, sandwich trays and meatballs are all good.

Prepare what you will serve the food with, like serving utensils, bowls, plates, eating utensils and others.

After taking care of the foods, prepare the drinks by deciding what to offer. You have to choose by looking at your guest list to know what they will prefer. If you are serving alcoholic drinks, mix the brands.

After this, you go ahead to prepare your home for the party. Unpack all the boxes and load. Take care of the places your guests will be hosted, like the kitchen, dining room, guest rooms and others. Tidy everywhere and do a small cleaning of the entire house. Offer small but needed decoration of your home with pictures and flowers to give a decent look. Inspect the whole house, provide tissues, toilet paper, serviettes, hand towel and clean up the comfort rooms. Take care of your pets by securing them where they will not cause nuisance.

During the party, welcome all guests warmly and personally. Offer each guest drink and food personally, take them on a tour of the home, mingle with all of them and interact with them. Let them introduce themselves as you introduce yourself to them. Accept all compliments and gifts, serve dinner when it is time and serve the desert and coffer too.

Organisising housewarming party is good option to relax after moving and deal with stress of moving, it' a great moment to ask your neighbours about some guide to living in Manchester city.

After the party, see all your guests off personally, clean your house, send them a thank you note and enjoy your new home.