Floor Protection During Removals

Floor ProtectorsWhen you are packing and moving home, there is always some threat to your carpets and floors because of the activities of your packers and Manchester removals company team members. Both the new home that has fresh carpets and painted walls, and the old home with carpets are all exposed to damages and should be protected with the necessary methods and tools. It is very essential for you to learn how to protect your floors and walls when moving home, so as to arrive at a tidy and clean new home.

The number one protection to the floor inside is the use of doormats in front of the door that leads to the entrance of the home. After this, go ahead to place the doormats in front of the doors to every room. This will insure that mud, dirt, sands and dusts from peoples shoes will not be carried into the rooms. Remember, you are protecting both from stains, dirt and damages.  The removal men will move in and out of the rooms on several occasions during the processes. Remember, they are carrying in heavy items, so you cannot tell them to remove their shoes each time they want to move in. Protecting the floor with the mart is the best bet here.

Protecting Wood And Laminated Floors

If your floor is wood or laminated, you need to protect the fine finish with a more decisive system of protection. In this case, you have to lay a bigger carpet on the floor. The essence is to insure that the floor is protected against scratches when bigger objects like the refrigerator and washing machines are brought in. these huge machines can easily damage the floor if the floor is not properly cushioned. Both moving firms and man and van Manchester firms are experts in this and they do it with the already made removal blankets. But if you want to do this by yourself, then you must look for a very large carpet that must cover all the areas that the machine or equipment will pass through.

You can also use the specialist plastic film carpet for your floor protection. The film is designed in rolls, and they are designed in a way that they can hold on the floor without the help of any tape. This can be gotten from the hardware or moving stores around you or through online sources. The great thing about these is that they are meant to be sticky to the floor, thereby increasing the ease of use.

Protecting Marble Or Tail Flooring

If your floor is made of marbles and tiles, then you can place a board or sheet of plywood or cardboard on the floor. Now, if you are moving heavy equipment or like statues,  marbles or moving artwork, you will need to use specialist removal equipment like wheels. However, when you want to use the wheels that are driven into the house, you have to place the plastic carpet protection, the removal blanket on top of it and then place the plywood. The wheels should run on the plywood. The reason you should place other protective objects before the plywood is because the plywood may be dirty or dusty in some cases, so the underlying plastic protection and blanket will protect your floor from getting dirty too.

Mats to protect floorsYou can protect floors with cardboard boxes. Now, one thing you must realize is that though marble can help your Stockport removals company team  to drag the furniture easily due to its slippery nature, so moving a sofa can be much easier on such flooring, there is also the risk of slipping off and falling while they are carrying your furniture. Because of this, you need to cover the entire marble or tiled floor with plastic sheets that will help the shoes to have a better grip.

Again, to protect against dusts from the mover's boots and slipping, you may want to provide the movers with some sort of rubber boots. The boots are clean and will protect again dusts. They are also made to have better grip. When you provide this, you can then lay heavy duty paper roll on the floor.

The use of rug runners by local Bolton moving companies is another very viable option. These rug runners have no slip bottoms, and their tops are made of vinyl materials to protect the floors.

Some of the materials used in the protection of floors during removals include cardboard boxes, foam, backed blankets, moving blankets, carpet protector films, hard floor protector films, neoprene mats, rug runners, plastic carpet protectors, etc.

On another note, if  the leg of your tables, TVs, chairs and TV stands are leaving groves on your carpet at the point they have been sitting for a very long time, you have to use furniture feet protectors on each leg to protect your carpet. However, if you will want to do it by yourself, then you can also cut out old pieces of carpets and place under each foot of the each furniture.