Moving inventory

Relocation ChecklistWhenever you are nearing a move, the first thing that will occur to you is how to handle the packing of your items. Collecting things and dropping them in the box is never a problem. The problem lies in organizing them properly, and this has to be done with an inventory list so that it will be easy for you to unpack them when you get to the final destination without any of them getting lost. The alternative in this situation is to go online and download a moving inventory list, learn how to use it and follow it religiously. You have to start by de-cluttering and bringing out the ones you really need to move with and the ones you should jettison. You have to do the de-cluttering when moving by asking these essential questions, when last did I make use of this item? Do I really need to keep this item? Am I comfortable paying money to move this item? The answer to these questions will determine whether to give them away or sell them. You will always need the inventory at your present location and your destination, and it will be useful, whether you are moving by yourself or hiring removal companies Manchester

However, before we delve into how to make the inventory list, you have to realize that you should start whatever you are doing with the inventory a long time before the date of moving - even a 10 weeks befre moving. Whether you are downloading the inventory or making the list, make sure you start immediately you conceive the move. You must not wait till the last minute. This will make you to try to cut corners, and in the process make mistakes. Many people may want to make it simple and quick by jotting it down on paper, while some others may go the way of printing on a spread sheet. Whichever way you choose, you must insure that all the essentials are accommodated.

How to make moving inventory list?

For organization and ease, you should start your inventory list in the room with the highest number of items to be moved and go ahead to do this room by room. When you enter any room, insure that you register every significant item in the room. Every piece of furniture, coupled with extra things like the art, décor and jewelry must be contained in the inventory. However, smaller items like books and other infinitesimals may not necessarily be registered. If you have the time and the resources, you should walk through each room with a video camera before you start writing. You can even take snapshots before you do the writing. These are meant to remind you about everything in the room and their positions. Some may even go to the extent of speaking into the microphone of the camera while they do so. This is meant to highlight the items that are special.

InventoryWhen making the inventory list for your home move, you should also recall the fact that you have to divide it into different columns for easy identification. You should start by mapping according to the values. You can list the values according to the worth or importance. Another column you must have in the inventory list for house removals in Stockport is the name of the item. Some people will like to have an alphabetical listing of the names in chronological order, while others will list according to types of items.  You should also indicate the condition of the items listed. Another important listing category is the position of each item in your home. This will aid in identifying the items and placing them in the rightful position when unpacking.

You can also pack or list according to the color codes. You can make up a system of color coding for each room. This is if you are the type of person that pays attention to colors. When you make the inventory list, you must not forget to make labels that will correspond with the list for each room. Make sure the labels are particular enough to give the rightful information about the contents of each box. The inventory list is not just for the move. You have to save it so that you can add new items to the list when you buy them. This is to enable you keep tabs of all your items and to make it easy for you when you want to move again. You have to remember that we all are always on the move.

With the inventory list, you will be able to say if you’ve lost any item within the time they were loaded in the moving truck by your man and van Manchester team and when they arrived to your final destination or new home. With this record, and having noted the estimated values, you will have the ground to file any claims against the insurance firm, because you will also know the state of all your items. Make copies of the list and keep them in safe places.