Moving with a dog

Many people see moving with animals especially dogs as one of the most difficult things to do. But this is completely down to some level of ignorance. If you have learnt how to handle these animals, you will realize that they are the best friends you can have, and you can comfortably relocate with them. Most of the families tend to see summer as the ideal time for their relocation, because their kids are on vacation and the weather is always clement enough to give them free hand. This is also the best time to relocate with your dogs because they will also not worry about the weather. However, because the dogs are territorial in nature and are always sticking to their environment, moving them to a new place with new people, new, sights, new smells and new sounds can be very worrisome, and they tend not to adapt. Some will even develop trauma in the process, especially if you are relocating a dog that it’s only movement has been to the vet doctor’s place. The dogs that move around with you may not find it as difficult as those quarantined to a particular neighborhood.

Family and dogNow, you have to know that the main thing about moving with dogs is to get them to adapt to the new environment. Anybody can throw his or her dog into the car and drive down to anywhere, but will the dog survive the move. You have to start the preparation when you want to move with your dog by getting the rightful information about restrictions in terms of pet weight, fence and stamp restrictions, kennels runs and others. You can start gathering required information even 10 weeks before moving.

One important fact is that your dogs may not need the biggest yards to run around. All they may need is for you to walk them around. When you meet their needs in the new home, they will adapt. Just give them the patience and training that will help them to deal with the nuisance habits and adjust to the new environment.

Before the move, you have to get all the local zoning regulations about dogs and other animals.  It should be part of your moving checklist, so to forget about this important task. See the banned breeds, the numbers acceptable in each home, the fence sizes, controls on barking and others.  You are advised to get the written policies and laws and read it thoroughly to avoid breaking any. You may get specific health information about dogs from the department of health of your new home. With this, you have to visit your pet and insure that your dog gets the best checks, treatments and vaccinations weeks before the day of the move.  Additional vaccinations should be given to you and a certificate indicating the current health status of the dog would be handed to you by your vet. You should also ask the current vet to refer you to the best vets in the area you are moving to, or you can ask the removals Bolton team you are hiring, they should have contacts to local vets. The contact should be given to you so that they will start from where your current dog handler stops. You have to take some time out to teach your dog some of the basic obedience rules and commands. So that it will be easy to control the dog during transportation. Teach them to sit, stand and obey other rules. You should prepare a crate for the dog at this moment, as most of Manchester removal companies require you to provide a kennel. The crate will take care of the dog during the packing and when the need to sleep over in a hotel arises. You can even arrange for a kennel or day care center if that is necessary.

On the day of the move, you should send the dog to your neighbor, friend, kennel or to confine the dog to the crate you made for it during the packing and loading of your items.  At this moment, the favorite toys of the dog must be packed and included among the essentials in the moving boxes.  The food to be taken during the journey must also be handy. If there are drugs for allergy, you should also have them ready. Meanwhile, you are advised to give the dog light feeding to avoid vomiting during the move. Check and see if the dog is nervous to know the amount of food to give it.

Help Your Dog Adjust to a New Home

New home for your dogWhen you get to the new home, leave your dog in a kennel or crate during the interval between arrival and settling into the new home.  Avoid the practice of your dogs and kids jostling around in a hotel room or any temporary quarters. Your dog should be brought home when your Oldham removals team will leave your property, and all furniture is brought in, and you are ready to sleep in the new home. When you arrive at the new home, you should unpack the food, toys, bedding and water bowls of the dog as soon as possible. This is why you should keep all of them in the same place and at a very accessible place too.

Arrange things the same way they were in the old home. For instance, if your dog normally finds its bowl of water in the kitchen, take it to the new kitchen too. You have to introduce the dog to your neighbors when introducing yourself. You can also allow them to meet with the dog. After this, get the necessary info about licenses and deadlines from the local health authorities. Get to the nearest vet as referred by the old vet and have the dog checked and assessed before the full examination. While this is happening, you should observe the attitude of the vet towards the pet to know if you will stick with them. It is time to change the address of your dog if it has a chip or tattoo for easy identification.