Moving tasks for children

When you are planning house removals Manchester, one of the major considerations are your kids, of course  only when you are moving with children . Now, the fact remains that you have to start considering them before you pick a moving date. You consider your kids when you are searching for the house to relocate to by insuring that there are good schools that will carter for their education. You also take care of their adaptation by insuring that they know about the move on time. In most cases, it is even advised to allow them participate in choosing the new home or in choosing their room in the new home so that they will feel like they are part of the whole arrangement.

Taping boxesHowever, the bulk of the work lies in keeping them busy on the day of the move or prior to the day of the move. If your kids are left without activities, it will amount to giving them the chance to disturb the entire process or to constitute nuisance to the entire process. This is why you must engage them with some of the moving tasks they can handle during the packing, loading and unloading. This will not only keep them busy, it will also deter them from thinking too much about the move and the change of environment that follows. But you should always choose such tasks, so you kids do not disturb work of your man with a van Manchester team on the day of the move. You should be aware that not all firms offering removals Bolton services tolerate children to be present at home during a moving day, especially while they are carrying heavy items, boxes or loading the moving van.

If your kids are grown enough, then you may be pushing more responsibilities to them. Your kids can actually help in the packing of boxes and the arrangement of items, except the delicate ones. This responsibility however, should be given by looking at the age of the kids. But if you have kids that cannot handle these, then some of the lighter ones can keep them busy.

Involve kids in packing tasks

You have to start with the clothes. The packing of clothes is actually the number one chore when you are moving, and when the clothes are not well packed, it becomes a problem.  The packing of clothes is also a very stressful one, so it can be the thing that keeps the children busy. Mothers that have the task of packing the clothes of the entire family can be relieved by the kids. You have to start by giving them the bags or boxes where they should pack their own clothes.  The way they do the packing should not be of much concern to you unless your kids are grown ones. Just give them a little lecture on how to pack when moving and use the time you should have used for this to achieve something else or to have some rest while you watch them do it.

Kids carry boxesYou can also move to the room accessories.  Most of them will enjoy handling the room and bathroom accessories. This will include the cushions, bed sheets, lamps and others. You can drop a box for them with some amount of bubble wrap, with a demo or image about how they should wrap and pack them. You will make this more fun if you allow them to start from their room or if you place a price on who packs it better, not faster. You should however, instruct them not to over stuff or overfill the boxes. If there are some delicate items like arts and other fragile things in the room, you may have to remove them before they start working on the rooms or you instruct them not to touch those items.

Another thing the kids will have much fun packing is the books.  For me, they are the easiest the kids can pack. You can allow them to pack their books and other books in the home. Just drop a box for them and they will be putting all the books in the box. You may even label the cartons with the name of the books inside so that it will be easy for you to pick out when it is time to unpack them.

Involve children in labeling tasks

Your kids will also have a field day labeling boxes, and you should not deny them this. When you are loading the boxes, just bring your kids around and tell them to label the boxes with the names of the things they contain. This will be very exciting to them. This is even better if they are labeling with the markers. This will keep them busy during the entire process and they will stop thinking about the relocation and the stress it brings about.

Another thing you should get them engaged with is the cleaning house before moving. Of course, no one will like to come into a new home and meet it full of garbage. This is what you should not banquet to the person that will take over the house after you. When you are concluding the packing, you should just pick a trash bag and hand it to your kids. Tell them to pick all trash and mess and put inside the bag. Before you say jack, you will notice that the house is now rid of all trash.

When you get to the new home, you can also get them engaged with some task by allowing them to unpack their clothes, the books, the room accessories and others. They may not decorate them well. But they must have gotten them out of the box and placed them where they are supposed to be. You now have to take a second look and organize them as they should be.