Christmas time removals

Most of the people spend their time preceding Christmas on buying presents, decorating houses and cooking tasty festive dishes. There are however people who need to take care of more urgent issue, that is moving their home. It is definitely true that relocation is one of the most stressful challenges one undertakes in their life, especially during the busy Christmas time. However, what is quite surprising, many people choose this time of year for their removal. Therefore, we present a few tips how to make avoid as much stress as possible during this Manchester house move during Christmas.

Inform everyone of changing addresses

Thinking of new addressHow to pick moving date, which is the best for your needs? The fact is that there is no time you cannot embark on shipping from Bolton. But there are some times that we may say that are not favorable times for you to move. This may be because of some issues. However when you brace up and decide that you are moving over the Christmas, there are some essential tips you must use to get a good move. You have to start from your contacts. It is almost very certain that all your contacts are with your old address, and now you are going to move away from that place during this Christmas period when everybody is looking out for everybody to offer their great wishes either by words of mouth or through cards. Now, you may realize that this is the only time of the year when you will receive these cards from family and friends, so you may wish to give them your new address on time so that you will not miss out on this sharing of love that will happen. When you do this, try and redirect your bills and other documentations too. This is to avoid confusion in the future. When you do the new address sharing to your family and friends, there is always the tendency for you to think you have also done so to the post men that handles your bills even when you have no done. You have to be careful, so as to do all these at the same time.

Book removals company in advance

Another important tip that will help you have a great move over Christmas is by booking an affordable moving company in Rochdale on time. If you have a preferred removal firm or you want to use the renowned expert removers, you must book well in advance. This is because Christmas period comes with lots of holidays, and because of this, many people tend to move during this period. This also makes the Stockport shipping firms to receive a lot of bookings. If you approach them late, you may not get any space. Another thing is that as much as there are much demand during this period, it is a given that some of the staffs of these firms will also be holidaying. So when they have lesser number of staffs, they will always take limited orders. So, late orders like yours may not be accommodated, unless you have to pay hugely so that emergency services will be offered to you. Book well in advance so that you will get a reasonable price. Also make sure that the man with a van in Manchester you choose has got a reliable fleet of vehicles so that unpleasant weather conditions will not be too much for their vans.

Clear the access to your house

Moving togetherAnother thing you must be ready for when you move during the Christmas is the adverse weather condition that will always be the order of the day during the period under review. Now, we can say that December weather in some parts of the world have been pleasant for some time now, like England have not experienced a white charismas since 2009. But this removes nothing from the fact that December is winter. So, you are always advised to get the salt or grit at hand both for your location and destination. You have to make sure that the path between the removal van and the threshold of your door must be cleared. This is to ensure that slips and accidents are avoided and a lot of time is saved. Unless you are relocating to a warmer country, then this problem will not bother you at all. This may be one of the reasons to move to Australia if you are considering such idea.

Clearly label Christmas gifts and decorations

You should not forget the practice of wrapping and proper labeling of your Christmas gifts and the Christmas decorations you want to use in your new home. When you have done this, you should also be there when the Altrincham movers arrive, so that you will give them proper instructions to know where to keep them. This is also the time you have to de-clutter your new house. You have to do this by removing all the unwanted items. You should pack carefully and donate the items you will not use again to the charity shops or the Christmas appeals too. The rest of items which you do not wish to donate nor have in the new house can be put into storage. It is important to know how to prepare items for storage so that they can be kept there until you need them again without risk they get damaged.
You must keep the essentials box ready. This must contain the essential living items you cannot do without. When you pack them, place them in a place where you will be able to access them as soon as you need them.

Pay the bills for the new house

Paying for bills in new houseEnsure that all the utilities you will need in the new destination are ready and paid for. Now, one of the most unpleasant things is to relocate during Christmas to a home without gas, electricity or heating. You will arrive and feel very uncomfortable with your family when other families around are in the mood of Christmas, and are enjoying themselves. Don’t fall for this bait. It is always advised that you should make the first Christmas in your new home a very memorable one. This is why you are told to prepare for the Christmas in your new home before you arrive to the new destination. This is to ensure that you can sit down over a Christmas movie with more than just one light with your family. In all the hassle related to the relocation and preparation to the coming Christmas, we need to remember that it is time of celebration and resting therefore it is important to find a while for a relax to relieve stress and feel the Christmas spirit.