About Stockport

What to know some amazing things about Stockport then take a look at this article. Firstly, let me tell you about its whereabouts. Stockport is a big town present in Greater Manchester, England. If you are at Manchester city center then drive 7 miles (11 km) southeast to reach Stockport.
Stockport is a very beautiful town of Great Manchester. The residents are warmhearted and welcoming. This reminds me that according to the 2011 Census, the town has a population of 136,081. The city has some historic structures that help you catch a glimpse of the past. Whether you visit the town or organising your removals Stockport to plan to live or work in it, you are simply going to appreciate every second of it.

Development of Stockport

Stockport started evolving during the 19th century. Prior to that Stockport was a grimy, crowded and unhygienic town. A gas company developed in 1820 after that Stockport water works commenced in 1827. Along with these evolutions, in 1840, construction of Stockport railway viaduct took place.

The town began using electricity from the year 1902. In 1908, people of Stockport got a new Town Hall built. Later, for the entertainment of residents, the very first cinema began in 1912. This way, slow and steady development of Stockport began to happen. The people of the town got their first public library opened in 1875. However, in 1913 Stockport Central Library came into existence.

Later in the 1920s, construction of Stockport’s first council houses took place. For those who love shopping, especially women, would like to know that the Merseyway Shopping Centre launched in 1965. The town kept growing and evolving, which made it a much bigger town. Today, the town is far better than what it used to be. A large number of tourists from around the world love to visit this beautiful town.

 Popular landmarks in Stockport

  • Stockport Town Hall
    Stockport Town Hall is a popular tourist place, which has a nickname "the wedding cake". Several government and administrative functions take place in this building. The architecture of the town hall is very impressive; architect Sir Alfred Brumwell Thomas did the designing. Stockport Symphony Orchestra enacts classical concerts frequently in the town hall. You will love visiting the place.
  • Stockport Plaza Cinema
    The biggest entertainment venue in Stockport is the Plaza Cinema, Stockport. Previously, it was mainly a bingo hall but after restoration, it became a cinema and theatre. It shows many classic films and presents live shows, which you must watch when you visit the town. It has been the annual emcee to the Screen Stockport Film Festival ever since 2011.
  • St. Elisabeth's Church
    Another prominent attraction of Stockport is the St. Elisabeth's Church. It is the Victorian Gothic style structure designed by Alfred Waterhouse. Moreover, some shows and movies have used it as a film and TV set. The church is a very peaceful and relaxing place that you must visit. You can even attend one of the several services that take place in the church every week.
  • Staircase House
    Staircase House is a historic building present in Stockport. Being a historical structure, it magnetizes an ample number of tourists every year from all around the globe. By stepping into this building, you get a unique glimpse into the life of medieval and renaissance Stockport. Those who have a love for history should not miss a chance to visit this building.
  • Vernon Park
    The oldest country park of Stockport is the Vernon Park. It is a delightful and lovely welcome sight. The park will make you fall in love with nature with its picturesque view. When you visit Stockport, you can spend a day relaxing in the park and can even have a picnic over there with you kids.

Therefore, Stockport is a town full of beautiful landmarks. You can definitely plan to have a nice and peaceful vacation in this town. If you are relocating to Stockport your should easily find lot's of removal companies Manchester offering cheap and professional removals solutions and Stockport man and van firms offering local deliveries. Before you hire any team it's always good to compare removals Manchester services, this way you will find both cheap and reliable team.