Small removals  - part load removals

In Greater Manchester area there is a lot of people living in small houses, but how we define a small home? The size can be determined by the number of square foot of living space: studio flat is usually no bigger than 400 sq ft and average one bedroom house size is 600 – 700 sq ft.

One bedroom house removals

One bedroom houseThere is plenty of Manchester house removal companies that specialize in moving 1 bedroom houses. Some people say that the most cost effective solution is to find a Manchester man and van company for that kind of removals. They are right - operation costs are lower for small firms so it is why they offer cheap removal costs.  However hiring moving company may be within your budget because a lot of firms offer part load removals as it is quite often that their trucks are half empty and by taking your goods they can earn extra money on one trip, it is why you should always compare service as you can get a really attractive offer depending on the type of move.


  • Easy truck parking

    During 1 bedroom house removals companies using usually small vans what eliminate problems with finding a suitable space to park removal vehicles

  • Less to pack

    Smaller living space means less personal belongings that needs to be packed.

  • Less job to be done - faster relocation

    Usually moving one bedroom house takes between 2 to 3 hours.


One man removalsSometimes small house removals are based on hourly rate so you have to follow a few basic rules to avoid it turned out that moving 1 bedroom flat may be more expensive than larger one. To reduce costs of moving to minimum you can:

  • Clearly mark and label all items to be removed.
  • Make sure that company has appropriate moving equipment to perform your removals. For example: if you are living at 5th floor apartment and there is no lift, a special moving trolley would be useful. Beware of that especially if you hire and man and van company.
  • Make sure that it will be suitable workforce - one man will not be able to move heavy items like double bed, fridge or move a sofa.
  • If you possess any oversized items, provide all necessary details, like dimensions and weight, to your service provider. Having this information, the company will use suitable vehicle and you will avoid a situation where more than one trip is required.